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    Urgent need for Realtime data feeder from zerodha Pi to Amibroker

    Hi to all, Can some one please provide realtime data feeder from Pi to Amibroker with backfill facility. I will pay for the software. With regard Anjan
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    Zerodha Part 3

    Can any one please write the zerodha Pi script code for inside bar detector and marker.
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    Genie trading system Hi, If some one has this afl,please share.
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    any one have this afl

    Any one tried Hi, Any one tried genietraderpro for intra day trading.I have tested the demo, it seemed not bad at all.You may try the demo it if you wish. Their website is
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Dear Josh, Thank you very much for this excellent utility software.The only problem I am having is while back filling data, e.g. crude oil or nickel, the volume bars showing in amibroker are totally different, I mean showing excessive volumes as compared to real time data. Would you please help...
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    Advice required regarding subscripstion for commodity trading

    Hi, I am new to commodity market. I have searched on net found one tips giver company called I have checked their past performance which is very impressive. Is there any one here who subscribed their service specially for commodity market. If some one share their views, that...
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    A view on commodities

    Is there any reliable commodity tips giver with high success rate in India? Please let me know.
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    315 Strategy on Crude Oil & NG Trade on Intraday Result

    Vinodji, Can you share the details strategy. I understood entry method but exit and profit booking could. Please explain elaborately. This will be a great help to us.
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    SH's 315 Strategy - how to use if effectively

    Long trades should be counted.
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    NDC_Data downloader for Indian stock market.

    Hi bharodiya, First of all thank you for this great utility and i am using it with my amibroker successfully. There is a problem i would like to mention that the realtime data is not updated from 9.00 (when market opens) instead it works since 9.15. Is there any solution? waiting for your kind...
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    Metastock Formula

    Dear Traderji, Will you kindly write the metastock expert advisor code for the trading method which was introduced by Pride. that will help me very much to back testing the method. Waiting for your early response. regards, anjan
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    Extraordinary Lives

    there are more things on earth that makes this planet feel like heaven...........