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    Nectar Lifescience IPO

    Nectar Lifescience (NLL) is coming out with an initial public offer for issue of 38.70 lakh equity shares of Rs 10 each in the price band of Rs 200-240 per equity share to fund its expansion plans and to strengthen its R&D facilities. At the upper range of the issue price band, NLL will raise Rs...
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    A Moving Average Trading System

    This system is great for trend identification. However you will need to use different indicators for entry and exit.
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    Elliott Wave Theory

    You will have to contact
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    ICICI Demat Account... Help!!!

    Once you open an account with or any other online broker you can transfer the shares from icicidirect using their demat slip book and entering the details under off-market trades. I dont think that icicidirect will levy a charge for closing your account with them.
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    Info on listing date of Jet IPO ?

    From what I have heard on the street the listing is most likely to be in the third week of March.
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    Post Budget - Sensex plunges by 63 points

    Post Budget - Sensex plunges by 63 points
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    Ntpc Ipo

    NTPC prices IPO at top end
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    Trading the Technicals

    Re: Bhartiya Intl (BIL).. Wait for a close above 36.00 (also the 200 dma) before going long.
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    Avoid the risk of ruin

    The famous psychotherapist Fritz Perls once noted that people feel anxious and fearful when they worry about, and mull over, their past mistakes or worry about the future. A peak performance mindset is where a person focuses on the ongoing action, the here-and-now experience. The more you can...
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    Quesion about moving average crossover indicator

    Hi aarun3034, You can use the acc./dist. indicator as a confirming indicator with the moving average crossover system. Once a buy signal is generated by the moving average system it is not possible to say for how long the rising trend will persist. You hold on to your position using a...
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    Avoid the risk of ruin

    Excellent article. I think that every trader should print this article and read it ever so often.
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    The Guide

    Hi CreditViolet, Welcome to I had tried using amibroker as a replecement to MetaStock, but found the interface and language a little stiffling when comarped to MetaStock which I am now using. I understand that Amibroker is a much more versatile program compared to MetaStock...
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    DownLoading Complete Symbol List From Yahoo Finance Website

    Hello vishalsjain, As I monitor only a few active counters I normally go to the following page and copy the symbols from there. On this page you can get the most actives, top gainers and top losers on both the NSE & BSE. BTW can you tell me which...
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    Trading Without Ego

    Trading Without Ego Trading Without Ego
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    Good writeup TATrader I always considered MA to be one of the most robust indicators in Technical Analysis!