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    Discussion about Renko : (from Varun's thread)

    congratulation, but as brother my suggestion is that you must have some alternative source or if you have already made enough plus good bank balance then it is OK pl keep it up god bless you my good wishes with you amrit
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    April future of Cesc at 862.75/- looks attractive first resistance is at 875/- with previous day closing of 862.75/- as S/L one can assume target at 886/- this is my assumption please correct me if wrong amrit
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    Charts for the Day

    dear anil ji pl guide me as FED and BOJ meeting on Wednesday how you see the bankniffty and specially federal bank for Monday and Tuesday i will be obliged by your view amrit ak
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    Trading Plans.....Open to All

    sir, thank you very much for your guidance i hope your technical level to be correct i also feel that market cannot move on one leg that is banking where there are huge problems but after extra ordinary Reliance result position may change however thanks a lot i will keep your view in my...
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    Trading Plans.....Open to All

    hello sir, why short position. parliament session is due to start and historically since this govt. has come in power sentiments are always positive during parliament session i feel that market will remain in narrow range and all short sellers will be caught off guard i may...
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    Timepass's notes

    dear time pass, as u have already clarified taking consideration for lot of indicators always confusing i feel if we take only volume and moving average give better result rest depend on individual style. thanks for nice post...
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    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    sir, what's your opinion about small PSU Banks specially UCO Bank, I am observing that UCO bank is not able to cross 46 and sustain there on upper side and on lower side it is at45.60. what is your opinion about it I want to enter for short period pl. guide...
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    Stock Market Business Tricks/Gimmicks(Cheats?)

    it is better to avoid tips provider call if you reply one of them their is queue calling you all the time amrit
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    New to day trading - appreciate help

    hello brother, as you have said that you are watching charts which may give you support/resistance level but what time frame according to me if you take 15 minutes charts for behavior of stock price at support/resistance and act on 5 minutes chart but nowadays movements are...
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    How to invest 40 lakhs in equity & FnO and profit

    expiry may in between 8400 and 8450 but the major concern is Greece and some of the banks which are moving up without any sign of credit off take from industry only Manson is so far good because of that how much rural growth difficult to understand so it is better to wait for some more time to...
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    A Strong Trading Mind

    dear seniors, I am thankful to my seniors for guidance after going through all the posts in this forum and I am more thankful to almighty shri SAI BABA for what I am today what I am having is more than enough which I never imagined and thought of it but the greed again and...
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    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    there is gap between74.45 and 76 in daily chart of dish tv though the candle indicate the bullish movement but any time it may come down to fill the gap at that stage one can judge the further movement, this gap may be because of good result or operator driven so it is advisible to wait for some...
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    Target 20 lakhs

    individual socks such as Ashok leyland ,Irb infra are showing some strength, there are chances that Ashok leyland maytouch Rs59/-or 60/- what is the view on it seniors pl guide amrit
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    Can u Guess the Strategy Behind this

    Reliance capital dec call is sell what are the downward level you are expecting since there are lot of upport level such as 501, 498,485 and then upto 448 pl just guide how much down it can go on intraday level amrit
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    A Strong Trading Mind

    sir, thanks for providing your ideas these are excellent and are reality in market however as you have stated about charts which software you are using and what are the parameters that will further helpful to everybody...