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    Bangalore Tradinging/Knowledge Sharing Group

    Re: Bangalore Trading/Knowledge Sharing Group Corrected the typo...
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    Bangalore Tradinging/Knowledge Sharing Group

    Hi Seniors, I would like to start a thread to form a group in bangalore who trade regularly. Lets share our ideas, experience and knowledge here. We can plan to catchup once we form a considerable number of members here! Happy Trading!
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    AFL for Intraday

    Hi friend, Catch me at traderzonlyatgmaildotcom Im an intraday trader and looking to form a strong team to trade together using technical analysis. There is no cost involved. catch me at the above email id if interested
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    Expert Day Trader Require-On Sharing Basis

    Dear Mrs. Khosla, I'm a day trader like you and have a working strategy which gives a good returns.My personal advise would be not to have a 3rd person look at your hard earned money. Profit or loss, you should be in a position to accept as what it comes. Im happy to provide assistance on the...
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    Auto Trading Through Nest Plus API plugin.

    I checked with RKSV and was informed to contact Globaldatafeeds. Global data feeds provide auto trader free of cost if you subscribe for their data service. Also u need to have a Nest Plus API settings enabled. This API service is charged approx 250-300 per month by omnysis.. U can contact them...
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    easylivetrade afl for freeafl in amibroker

    *************** Hi Preethnfo, Im looking for some thing similar, it would be easy to know the trend of 5min,15min,30min n 1hr trend in one single chart. I have various alfs downloaded from the internet. There are atleast one interesting stuffs in each afls, im trying to combine few selective...
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    Crude oil is a human

    Hi Vinoth, Im a newbie to this forum and also to commodity trading. You have a gained a strong knowledge and experience in crude. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I surely will follow your experience.
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    Understanding the chart/indicators

    Dear Friends, Im new to this forum and its good to see lots of helping hands here. Im looking for some help to understand the indicators and the signals on the afl that I use. Apart from the buy sell signal there are few more information that is available in this chart. Can any one help me...
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    Supertrend Autotrading Help Needed

    What is the accuracy level? If you are looking for automate trading, then u need to have either Now or Nest trader platform along with, Nest plus subscription with Nestplus plugin which you need to pay omnysis. Check out
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    Supertrend Autotrading Help Needed

    What is the accuracy level?
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    Technical analysis corses info

    Hi im looking for one too. I recently joined this forum, if you have patients you can surf this forum and you will have loads of valuable information...
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    Cheapest data provider for ami broker seems to be the cheepest one and their freedom plan is better compared to rksv with higher intraday margins...
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    auto live trade ...does anybody have this.?

    im using this afl which i purchased, but the code is restricted and hence cannot be shared :(
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    Buying experience of paid amibroker trading system

    Ive tried Auto live trade afl system, works some time and some times ended up with losss. On an average ive made tiny profits rather than waiting to achieve each targets. I keep my targets lesser then the T1 as shown in signal that way i do a safe exit. If I had know the technics of when to...