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    Selling mid cap fund in 3 to 6 months

    Hi friends actually i am very new in mutual funds please clear one doubt which i have , I just checked for few mid caps the return for 3 months was for example 17% but for some its just 3% or -3%. But suppose i buy the one which gave 3 month return 17% so when i redeem or sell it...
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    How to check mutual fund authentic websites to invest online

    Dear friends Please let me know where can i find information about mutual fund websites if it's authentic website of mutual fund company or not. for example DSP black rock. and can camsonline be used for this purpose. Thanks & regards. Amit
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    information to buy Mutual fund - PAN Card & KYC

    Hi Friends i have few things please kindly clear if possible: 1. I am now working abroad for few years i want to buy some MFs In India. I have NRE account. But do not have KYC- please let me know can KYC be done all online a or personally have to go to India. 2.Before leaving India i got...
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    Buying mutual fund from their origional AMCs- need help

    hi friends Please let me know followings: 1).Is kyc mandatory before buying mutual funds.Can it be done online or have to go to complete to centers physically. 2).Can i directly buy from mutual fund websites like or birla websites and if its possible how is their web...
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    how mutual fund generates income -needs help

    Hi friends I m very new to mutual funds so i have few questions regarding that. suppose i buy a fund "ABC" of 30,000 Rs. and i want to keep for one year then want to sell after one year suppose its giving return of 50% should be +15000. but like many people say continue investing into the...