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    JACKPOT or NOTHING!!!!! Amazing Technique on Last 5 min of an expiry

    Yaar 5 paise to theek hai par brokerage bhi lagegi na lottery ticket mai no brokerage no STT only barbadi Stocks mai barbadi +STT
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    JACKPOT or NOTHING!!!!! Amazing Technique on Last 5 min of an expiry

    Bhai lottery tickets bhi nikli hai 1rs ki wo bhi try karo
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    Option Trading journal

    Stop trading and reassess what ur plan was and why u kept ur trade open.U mean to say that u held 4 lots 7100Ce short one day before election naked and when it moved to 550rs u kept it open? Or if the market had 1-2 down circuits? no SL no nothing just strangle before a big event? Second...
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    Is nf will hit lower circuit after election result?

    No that`s not how market works that`s how the operators work.The analysis of previous guy was correct and he went with trend and clear news of BJP majority.U went counter trend and got lucky. If u see the charts of any stock, the guy who follows the trend works more than the guy who does not.
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    This months nifty options are weird !

    Best thing to do is make position after 16th as IV won`t crash as much
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    This months nifty options are weird !

    Its better to not trade as this month options are not behaving as per norms.IV shot up but back month options gained less than current month.Go figure.....
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    What is your Monthly Average Income in Options and Futures?

    wow I want to follow up on what i said in 2009 It`s a wonderful story and all I can say is I`ve been through plenty of ups and downs and now I can say I make close to 50% every year. Around 40-50k per month and growing fast.Its unbelievable really I was thinking of packing up last year January...
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    Nifty option trading

    check this out to have a good laugh
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    Trading Options with Tukka style

    Praveen bhai 1/4 company khareed li aapne.... jab bechne lago to plz bata dena mai put le lunga. :)
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    What do you do during trading hours?

    Look at kareena kapoor hot pics ...she always keeps my mind away from stocks.I remember 3 expiry`s ago i slept for 2 hours(12-2) with a position on and a SL.I was confident to the point of cockiness but it worked.
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    Fire your tax related queries and i would get it solved!!!

    For those people who are not filing here is a relevant case for current circumstances:
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    Fire your tax related queries and i would get it solved!!!

    Yaha pe aisi thread dekh ke ek hi baat keh sakta hu: Nobody here has filed ITR-4 as no one has made any profits or people have filed their returns hiding any profits.Most probably as I have seen here in many threads is people keep doing paper trading there is nobody making money trading here in...
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    Escape's Options Trading Diary - Phase 2

    Completely agree everyone has own mentality and one has to discover the beast within by themselves.