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    Earnings Per Share vs Dividend Per Share

    hi, Reliance EPS is not 97/share.After issuing bonus its now around 48/49. EPS only calculated on floating stocks on exchanges.but, dividend also given to promoters and non listed equity holders too like business, you cant expect dividend shuold be as good as eps or net...
  2. A will fall

    Hello friends, I am stick to my views.After, sharp pull back from recent low,yet to convince that,market is out of danger. Market had completed 21 impulsive sub wave at 5310 on 6th of january,2010.we have to complete another 13 corrective sub wave. we are in only 2nd...
  3. A will fall

    hello friends, keep posting more...........
  4. A will fall

    Thank you Jlmalhotra...... you have good technical knowledge.keep it up:thumb: ABIR DAS
  5. A will fall

    Hi, Thank you MaxBombay,..... for your valuable opinion. I dont think 200 DMA will hold. but your overall conception about investment is awesome. keep posting. - ABIR DAS
  6. A will fall

    Hello Friends, I will be glad to be wrong.many of you have doubt about my views. time will tell.........lets see. every one is welcome to express his/her views. :clapping: with regards Abir das
  7. A will fall

    Dear Friends, My views is completely long term weekly basis. That doesnt mean, market may not rally in a short term.I am that person, who gave strong buy call around 2500-3000 zone. I am not saying that, market will fall in a can go upto 5100 too. My view is...
  8. A will fall

    Hello Friends, i know every one will surprise and visit my post to know some thing special. Here it is, NIFTY not likely to touch 5300 within this year. many chances of going below 4000. This will happen within next 5/6 months. after correcting it...
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    Warning.......i warned previously

    HELLO FRIENDS, market are correcting and will continue to do atleast mid of august.previously (20 th june) i recomended to exit from market(MARKET LIKELY TO CORRECT). i dont know how many of them actually exited the market.i hope, many of us are short on market...
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    Levels for investment

    HI FRNDS, previous post i warned (MARKET EXPECTED TO CORRECT) that, market will correct and i am still in same view. market will zig zag in comming days. The budget or no budget , will correct. now iam presenting some of major stock levels for investment...
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    Market expect to correct

    HELLO FRNDS, I am little worried about had completed the 1st wave at near 4700. i dnt expect to cross that levels in a next month too.there is a massive gap in sensex in weekly eod chart and even in monthly charts too.sensex will fill that gap (11500) in next...
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    Hello to all

    hi frnds, i just opened my account in this community.i will try to post my views and try to learn more from other frnds. thanx abir das :)