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    Me Myself and My Trading

    Salman will return with Sultan
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    Master one trick only

    RIP - "Master One Trick Only"
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    Broker with best Charting Tool??

    Hi All May be this has been discussed and answered many times, but as of today, want to know which broker provide the best charting tool?
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    Master one trick only

    Jetking Last updated Positions values for closing of 6/24/2014: short 16300CE at 100 - CMP - 1.90 short 14800PE at 105 - CMP - 33.95 Just thought of updating it as from 16th June no one has updated anything on this ever green Thread.
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    Master one trick only

    Is there any way to get all anvy post with images in PDF?
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    Karthiks Options Trading Strategy

    If this strategy is working in options then can we take position in futures if call get triggered in options?
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    Kiran_Thiru nifty & equity real trades with charts .

    re: Kiran_Thiru nifty & equity real trades with charts . Whisky is selling 6000CE and earning Profit. SO it means 6000PE buying should give profit, but still you are in loss?
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    Intraday Scalper - Realtime trades

    Happy Diwali to you as Well :)
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    Is it possible to predict a flat day for Nifty ?

    Its possible, Do not listen to Jahaan and others. On Saturday and Sunday and on Pre- Decided days Nifty is Flat with no movement.
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    re: Day trading Nifty & Banknifty Futures Ye thread to Nifty se bhi jaldi update hota hai, Very VOlatile
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    any body have this 100% nifty profit systam

    I have that system and i am earning like anything. If you want i can give it to you but you required to pay me some fees. So as fees you need to pay me a fixed amount per year for next 5-6 years and after that you will get the system :)
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    My intraday trades in nifty options

    Very true ravi bhai
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    My intraday trades in nifty options

    how can people manage to earn in thousands? I can just wonder
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    Trading in Whisky's Style-It's an addiction

    Whisky BHai ek ke picche lag gaye to chodate nahi ho usako jab tak wo profit na kara de
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    Master one trick only

    WOW :clap::clap::clap::clap::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping: