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I am trading through Angel Broking. If someone could help me know what will happen to notional gain or loss appearing in the PNL statement ( which is due to auctioned securities). Whether Notional gain or loss is taxable?
1. Long on 1 Lot of nifty Futures.
2. Long on 2 Lots of next month or Far month ATM put options.
Exit strategy:
Exit all position if nifty moves 150 to 200 points in Either directions.
How this strategy works?
This strategy works by exploiting the change in Delta of Put options.
The Delta of Futures is always .
1. Whereas the Delta of options changes when nifty moves from ATM to OTM or from ATM to ITM.
Delta of ATM
Dear Mr.Josh1,

Many thanks for all your efforts. am new to trading and this forum and making best use of all resources.

Am sorry to trouble you more. can you please guide me how to feed ninja7 with OI using your utility and plot it as a indicator. Or if any other source to get it done please guide me towards it. When a OI indicator is coupled with orderflow its making a lot of sense
Hello optionwriter,

Can you please guide me to setup data connection for MT5 from NEST or please point me towards some source to get it done.
Thanks in advance.
presently i discontinued MT4 sorry..pls search in google...most of them provided cheap feed for rs500/m ..
Thats fine. Thanks for the reply. Just for "open interest" indicator i was looking mt5 platform. Can you please guide me to feed ninjatrader with open interest using josh utility and plot it as a indicator ?? because it makes a lot of sense when order flow is coupled with realtime open interest