Trading, Earning and Taxation

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    Hi there. I have just today joined this blog. I am a retired Software Professional. I am also interested in stock market.

    Recent past I had developed a good relationship with a stock broker of a good broking house. On his advices, I had traded in futures and option market quite a lot. This led me to some profits initially but finally - as I more and more believed in his actions on my behalf - I lost a huge money (in lakhs!!). I, since then for nearly an year, stopped any transaction with him.

    Now, my problem is to carry over the loss in Income tax return. I found that for FNO profit/loss, I have to fill up ITR4 form. I further found that that form ask for all forms of business related data. I, surely, do no have them. So, I am a bit confused how to fill that form where I have to enter only some salary and derivative/cash trading related data.

    Can any one help me giving a sample of filled up ITR4 form?

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