strange issue with amibroker.

Discussion in 'AmiBroker' started by learn2trade08, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. dear all ,
    i am having strange issues with ami...i would really apprciate it if anyone can help me out...
    from friday afternoon,i noticed that only spot prices for contracts are getting updated live and the data for futures contracts on amibroker is not getting updated...again this is only during market hours,after market if i open ami everything is updated...
    can some one help me out please,i tried contating esignal but they dont want to help me out as its not their problem....i hate advancedget,dont want to use it during market hours so anyhelp here will be sincerely appreciated.
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    In my opinion, if part of real-time data is updating (spot) and not other (Futures), this is something to do with the data feed during market hours. You like it or not but I think you will have to check with your data vendor only. You can also check with other users of eSignal and check if same thing is happening at their end. If not, you can further debug the changes in their configuration and yours.

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  3. dear friend,
    thank you for the are right,i think it was an issue with esignal as there was some data problems next day as well and later it kind of worked having no issues.

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