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    How is SMCINDIA with regard to customer service, brokerage, and other related issues pl?
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    Secondary data from trace notes.
    SMC India

    * Account Opening Charge (AOC): Rs 499.
    * Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC): Nil (till March 2010).
    * Brokerage: 0.3% (delivery). 0.03% (intra-day).
    * Browsers: IE 6.0+
    * Enquiry: No toll-free number
    * Interface: online
    They have a tie-up with Punjab National Bank which is understandable since it is one of its cofounding members.Importantly they have a 3 in 1 account with it. check this out:
    But seriously there are loads of choice of brokers out there but few with a broker terminal. No luck through their email a month ago.
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    Hi All

    Well the services are good, for an account of 799, the AMC is free and they give you ODIn lite software for free.:). They have 3 more account options of 499.

    The terminal is fast, and plus they give a weekly and monthly magazine which gives the following:

    Investors and Traders get free Weekly Wise Money magazine which covers
    o Key market news and forthcoming events
    o Trend sheet for select stocks and Indices
    o Fundamental analysis on select stocks and industry segments
    o Technical analysis for short term investment periods
    o Derivatives analysis
    o Commodity Outlook, technical forecasts, important weekly commentary and investment ideas
    o IPO and FPO grading, review and analysis
    o Mutual Fund performance charts and pick of the month mutual fund with detailed review
    o Weekly Analyst review

    The brokerage depends on volumes and relationships.

    I am a SMC subbroker and give some of my clients .020% intraday and .20% on delivery. Some of my clients get even lower based on their volumes and risk paying ability.

    To be honest their Intraday call are 75% accurate. And delivery call are 80% accurate based on long term holding peroids only in the condition if markets are stable.

    I met their research division department, and they are quite helpfull and do certain customized research for some of their HNI clients aswell.

    Do, now to the bad points
    Customer care (i found adequate) but, has to improve at their main branches

    The online browser trading platform seem basic and need improvements- i wish they go more on indiabulls browser trading platform.

    Any other queries, Please let me know

    Thanks and regards
    Arjun Khosla
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