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Discussion in 'General Trading & Investing Chat' started by marked9, May 6, 2009.

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    Hello everyone,

    TJ is really a wonderful forum for all levels of traders. I am sure beginners to experts; everyone is finding something useful here.

    It would be great to have an ongoing topic to all of us start sharing their experiences of trading, so everyone can get an idea how much they know about trading compared to others, how much they invest compared to others, overview of their returns or losses over a period of time, shorts and longs, their portfolios, ways of analysis, compare accuracy of analysis from others gains/losses. Anyone can give very details of his trading techniques and ideas if he wishes to, but not a compulsion.

    I recently started trading, before getting into this I spent few weeks reading and understanding things, started trading with a really small experimental amount of 5k. Initially for few days played with that amount, got experience from it then thought to put more amount. So far it worked for me, in current ongoing rally in 2 weeks I am with 9% return on 50k from IT and banking sector, though its not a big amount at all. Still fair for me at start! I am lovin' it :)

    Hope to hear more.

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    Congrats for your great effort. Many traders would have made good money in the present bull move. As of now markets have started going sideways. Good to hear that you have made 9% gains.

    What strategy did you use in getting the trading signals.

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