share market will go to 22000 pt in 3 months

bse sensex will go to 22000 level in 3 months ?

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I second your views bunny. NIFTY is consistently making higher Lows.

The one thing which makes me bullish is the market psychology - market is discounting so much of bad news without much damage.
Market psyche is not my forte, but there is a lot of supply around that level. So I don't think it can go a lot higher from that level. Other view I hold is that the present up-move is an leg of the double or triple top pattern.


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At the moment, I think nifty may come to 5850 - 5900 (around 150 points lower from last closing). If we reach highs without coming to 5850 - 5900 first, we could have a much 'violent' or 'sudden' fall from the highs. Going through 5850-5900 will de-risk the bullish move to some extent.


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I find it difficult to say, but I think that nifty index could go to below 5400 soon(within 4 weeks or 20 tradings days roughly). And the down-trend may even continue after that.

A quick descent to 5650-80 looks likely.
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