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Register your complaints at consumer court, NSE,SEBI........

Discussion in 'Investors Grievances' started by sameer999, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Legal action against brokerage companys

    Hello everyone. its been long time since i last posted in this site. i hv been inactive since long.
    I hav created this thread for all of us to help & share with u the steps which should be taken against a brokerage company which is found involved in operation of fraud trades/transaction in their clients account and other serious issues like showing rude behaviour, not answering the phone calls n delaying the process and not cooperating with us.

    so many companys r involved in fraud trades in the clients accounts to earn quick profits and if they succeed to earn profit, they will keep that profit secretly and the details wont even be shown up in your contracts notes. But if they make a loss ( as in most of the cases!) , they will do nothing about it and when u com to knw about it when u will check ur account balance which will be less, these companys never listen to u .
    they just attract people to open up accnts with them and offer cheap services/brokerages but laters they just suck/leech money out of ur pockets n make u in loss.

    i did an extensive search on various websites, message boards, forums etc and no doubt internet is full of complaints against these companys involved in the acts discussed above.


    now, what can be done to resolve the issue?

    first, be calm n try to settle things on face to face level with the company and if they keep delayin it and showin irresponsible behaviour. there is no use to waste more time.

    next , you can register your complaints/issues to SEBI

    (select appropriate category )

    Type-VIII for brokers etc.


    also SEBI has given warning to investors to be beware of so many websites/blogs/SMS services offering tips/calls on market.

    read it here-

    wht to say about those websites whn the tips/calls given on TV by the so called analysts even dn work!
    ( exceptions r there , som gud analysts do sound useful n beneficial but not everytime)

    the websites offering calls r only to earn money not to make u earn money!
    if they were so accurate in their services, there wld hv been no need in givin calls rather the persons running those sites wld themselve trade their own calls and be the richest person.


    thirdly ,
    u shld also register ur complaint against a brokerage company at - NSEINDIA


    click on - investor service cell to see a detailed page, in the centre , click on register E complaints.

    click on complaint /arbitration status, here u can see all previous complaints and actions taken etc.

    Directly click on E complaint , create an accnt , and log in then you can register your complaint against-

    1- company which is listed in share market
    2- brokerage company (Complaint against Trading member) eg- sharekhan, angel broking etc



    there r 2 tabs, one for company and other for trading member.
    click on Add trading member complaint tab and u can register your complaint there.

    if u need any help, click on context help.


    fourthly , u can register your complaints at consumer court.

    make a new account with them, and log in , then register your complaints.


    There r many other pvt. websites about consumer court but they dont provide much help , they r only to discuss complaints , they maybe useful at times.


    fifth, u can also write to TV channels like CNBC 18, there is show called BEWARE, they solve complaints not just related to stocks but also other things aswell.

    u can also look for other similar kinds of shows on TV channels and write to them.

    I hope this information will prove useful to all of us and if any of u has som more information to share , most welcome to write

    good luck
    best wishes,

    happy trading!
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    New Delhi
    Good information n can be great help for traders
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    Post retirement in 2001, I am involved with stock market. All my investment are in stocks and Mutual Funds.

    Since 2009 I am pursuing my concern with 'SHAREKHAN'. SEBI is empowered but at lower level the are no addressing in the interest of investor.

    How to involve Media CNBC TV !8, ZEE Business & other. Pl Help.

    :clapping: :clapping:

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