Parabolic SAR in Omnesys NEST


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Hello Traders and Investors in Traderji,
For the past 10 years I'm passively active in Traderji, absorbing the knowledge posted by my seniors. I have started using Karvy's Nest Trading software. In the Technical analysis chart, When I select Parabolic SAR I get a window where it asks for 3 parameters (Period 1, Period 2 and Period 3) and the Range is at number 2. Can anybody please help me to understand what are these numbers and what is the standard values to be filled in to get the Parabolic SAR chart.
Thanks in Advance.
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Dear VJAY, It's not working. Parabolic SAR is not displayed. Can you please help me in detail? As you said I entered 8 in one box and 34 in another box. Then 3 rd one I left empty and found no PSAR. In the 3rd box I entered .2 and in another instance .02. But totally I didn't get the Parabolic SAR indicator.
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