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Discussion in 'Derivatives' started by giljon, Mar 13, 2010.

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    hi all
    i am inerested in trading derivatives on the nifty index and have a few questions i hope you can help me with...

    1. im am not a resident of india are there any trading restricions?
    2. how are the broker charges calculated? i know the minimum quantity for an option transaction is 50 ( a "lot") are the charges per lot or per deal (if i buy 1 lot and sell 1 lot )
    3.what are the charges for a future contract and agin are the charges calculated per contract or per deal? automated trading possible on nufty futures and options and if so wich brokers offer automated trading?
    5.wich broker offers the lowest charges regarding futers and options trading (about 400 lots per month)
    6.what are the margins necessary in order to buy a future contract (if the price is 5140 what is the acctual cash flow in order to buy a contract)

    thanks in advance for your replys

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