need strategy for trading in non trending days

yesterday on 12 june on 15 minute chart (nifty) I saw 6 continuous candles in almost same range.I took a great loss yesterday after three days in profit. And the loss eat my three day profit and my half investment amount. So very much disappointed .

Do not know how to trade them. Fearing for today's trading . God help me.


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In Range Bound days/Non Trending Days trade in small quantity.....

How to detect it's a Range bound day: In Range bound day our support & resistance level hit quite frequently & they are very close ....

We need to wait for market to do some confirm thing & should wait for price to come out of that range & wait for opportunity for sell/buy out of this range...


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This is all bullshit.... by the time you realise that you are in a range bound day, most of the damage has already occured for intraday traders....

Its just eye candy, pointing out a sideways range by marking a circle around it in amibroker, and saying that this is what we should avoid.

In realtime intraday trading, you are already dead.

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