Need a good discount broker

I trade through upstox and Zerodha. They charge me Rs 20 per trade. I would a broker who charges me a flat amount per month. It is critical that the software is user-friendly. Can anyone recommend please?



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but how do they survive if all commissions are zero?
Yes, I am also not being able to figure that out. How is that even possible ?


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Yes, I am also not being able to figure that out. How is that even possible ?
I have a wild hunch one day these discount brokers might run away with all the Mango Man Money. Also I have full faith in the system, once they run away like nirav modi they will bring them back !


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why you think discount brokers will run away with all the money ?
Same reason nirav Modi, Vijay malya,subroto Roy, all Indian builders like amarpali and unitech and cant forget satyam, thye all ran away with Indian mango man money. How many got jailed till now? How many people got the money back?
Sorry for being late in replying i agree with newbie day trader, FINVASIA is regulated with all major exchanges and all these exchanges offer investor fund protection incase (which i doubt) the broker tries to run away. And MSN, they been surviving and in fact thriving after offering zero brokerage since 2016. if you read this thread they've mentioned how they make money despite offering zero brokerage.
And comparing Finvasia to the likes of nirav Modi, Vijay malya,subroto Roy isn't fair first cos they are not from the same segment and second cos none of them gave anything for FREE.. infact they ripped clients with high charges for their offerings
I think we should appreciate the initiatives of broker like finvasia & the others in the discount brokerage segment, as they made the industry competitive allowing better offers and commission to flow in for retail traders. Gone are the days of paying 1 paise for trading and thank god we hv new gen brokers like them in the industry

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