My Intraday levels


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Hi guys , daily i will post some intraday stock support resistance levels which i watch , given in cash levels , im doing /watching these levels for intraday trades for 1 lakh value , square off intraday only , no carry forward positions. Stoploss is reverse position or .5 % if reverse position is far . im taking these levels in short period time frame , 15 min /5 min timeframe support / resistance (only to catch the very last momentum ) or sometimes some calculations based on fibo or some others, my hard guess works . Please input your feedbacks . If anyone wants to know intraday levels ask here , will try to give here if tracking those. ( after mkt hrs only , also pls ask important stocks like nifty 50 stocks or fno stocks like with good volume stocks not other stocks , i wont track mostly .) Thanks and Cheers .

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