Hi friends

My friend has sent me chart of this new thing.its name is
trying to find out what it is.

colorbased system
buy on green & green
sell on red & red

looks simple.


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Just for curosity....i don't able to understand ford these days ...he coming with every possible found trading methodology around,he is not telling exactly what he wants or what he wants from members.i think these kind of threads will keep members in confusion,may be my thinking is wrong.....or may be he is guiding member's by providing different methods......but one thing is clear(by seeing his latest threads)....he himself not sure about any method he provided(otherwise he stopped all these things and stick with the method he liked).



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Hi Ford


Very interesting name for a trading system and even more awe-inspiring is the AFL picture.

The name has truly inspired me (and may be others as well) to consider naming my/our systems in similar lines based on movie names (Hollywood and Bollywod).

Thanks for the AFL pix and keep sharing.


Hi friends

I have posted this based on request of some of traders here.

Now I can see those who like my posts and find or see an objective behind them .
The others-I welcome your criticisms THAT MAY HELP ME TO STOP POSTING
becoz you dont like my efforts.
well you may be right in your view.I respect it as well.

your question
What is objective of all this systems that you've been uploading?
my answer

Reliable signals and trading profits is the objective.

If this is wrong,let the forum say it.

Why these many systems?
I have some systems which i wont leave them whatever comes.

It is not that I trade all these. I test these,each one for some time then accept or reject based on results.
Every trader has his own strange likes or dislikes when it comes to trading signal comforts.I cant dictate what other trader can use or not.he chooses himself. the forum experts provide options,show pros and cons.

It is an investigative traders nature to look into(as he comes across a great thing-post it or not-) OnE OF the worlds topmost trader s system who is advisor to British govt.
One would like to personally see -is this system so intelligent-mindblowing-extraordinarily clever? or not.If h even gets one small potentially useful clue,his lvel is upgraded as a good trader.

The trader goes with his thinking with other like minded traders -that is what happens on the forum-he get innovative hints-clues to refine his outlook or see into the heart of any thing whatever he comes across.At the end trader tests and chooses to validate or invalidate the billion dollar method in his own comfort terms.
Some want simple some others need a bit complex things.
while it takes time for the exploring trader to explore & choose the possible best system that harmonises with his nature & mindset.
what a trader feels after his 20 year journey is not same as what a trader with 5 year or 10 year journey feels is right.
The purpose of the people at the forum is create awareness of what is ok or not ok, contribute helpful info on trading,encourage loosing traders to change ways for better
Instead of buying a dummy system for 5000 rs a month,what is wrong if a trader chooses to try on testmode the same system provided by his fellow traders?
He gets a chance to see for himself if the glittering thing is gold or something else?

ok. fine. let the others be deprived of such a facility at the forum. may be it is right.

At the end of the day,I feel discouraged and it slows down my efforts.
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