(MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade


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Exited my all positions yesterday @ 4920.... approx +400 points. It is approx 80% return in one month on invested capital.
Will not make short position even i get signal for it.
In one time we can do love (bulls) or hate (bear) to anything but we can't do both simultaneously . Experience traders can understand this.

Crude is in bullish trend for medium to long term but now it is bearish for short term, may be i will miss another 200-300 points in bear run but i will not short it. I am stopping my self for short trade with my patience.
I will only take long signal when it comes, even after one month. Till patience will play important part to keep my emotions in control.

Currently i am maintaining 70% successful hit rate & Risk : Reward of 1:10.
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