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    My account number is xxxxxxxxxxxx The account is being held at Shapur Nagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I have opened Account on xxxxxxxxxxx. Since the day I opened the Account the service has been highly pathetic I had two Fixed Deposits also with this Account. I have requested for Loan many a time on these Fixed Deposits the reply was that the loan is to be processed from MUMBAI so that the loan could not be processed. As I know the process of giving out loans on F.D.'s I wondered whether the staff are ill equipped or were they not ready to serve the customers. After few enquiries and making him aware that I had little knowledge about banks (my father was an Co-Operative Bank Manager) he scumbed to pressure and said that there were no adequate staff hence the loans could not be given. He even suggested me to withdraw my F.D. I expected that such staff would not last long and hence hoped that the service would improve. I could not operate much on the Account as my request for CHEQUE BOOK was rejected using same above reason. Even withdrawls and Deposits happened after atleast 3 visits to the Bank the reason being that employee was not on Seat and would come in the afternoon - if I went afternoon they would say next day ( I wonder if they draw whole salary- may be they draw 25% of salary only). When I finally wanted to withdraw my amount now they say that there have been no operations - hence I have to give a letter that i would operate my account always (balance was 25,000/- at that time). Even the personnel who had to take letter is absent and I have to go tommorrow.

    Due to such a great service I thought of complaining to banking Ombudsman but did not want to spoil employees party.

    So I have decided to quit the Bank Account remove all my F.D's.
    The Bad luck is I hold 100 shares of S.B.I. from the time they were issued in IPO. So i wish to sell even them- courtesy ur bank staff.
    When I requested for cheque they said It was not possible as the request was not made during opening of Account
    I have even opened a new account with HDFC Bank and they gave me everything on Day 1.
    If this mail ever finds ur desk and u happen to read it being a loyal customer and investor my sincere advice would be "You might be ahead of all but remember It'll be history with in few years"

    M.V.N . RAO
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    Send your complaint to "Chairman SBI" <chairman@sbi.co.in>,


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