Investing, rather than trading with a discount broker.... makes sense?

I'm looking at investing money in small quantities... the idea being to have a portfolio of about 50k to begin with for a year or two while I work at my job... I just started working a few months ago.
My plan is to "live learn" as I go.

I'm not looking to trade at all, but invest for long term, and maybe update my portfolio (execute trades) every six months or so.
But since the capital I have is small, I am looking at a discount broker, namely ZeroDHA.
I've been told to go to ICICI or Sharekhan or other platforms.

Can I have everyone's input on this? What are the DISADVANTAGES for a small investor in having a discount broker? The way I see it, I pay low brokerage (other platforms will charge high, which will mean a greater percentage on my small trades), and the AMC is Rs 300 a year.


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I dont see any disadvantages. However, on the same line, one more question from my side for forum members. If one has stock holding in DMAT and if the broker shuts down business for some unknown/known reasons then I hope we do get chance to transfer shares to other broker??? any clue around the process? I know we are protected by SEBI on funds upto 25 lakhs but what about the DMAT holdings?


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1. Even daytraders have acct with Zerodha and no disadvantages other than occasional technical glitches on their charts. So go ahead with them as brokerages on investments free.

2. Brokerages like ICICI will give you calls on intraday basis and positional basis which will distract you from making investments to trading. So avoid them. You will save a lot in brokerage fees too.
If your Goal is Short Term Investment Go with Discount Brokers.
If your Goal is Long Term Investment Go with Traditional Brokers.
Why exactly? I couldn't find a reason to go with traditional/full service brokers other than quality of customer service.

You're right though..... I think I had my question already answered in my own head. Just wanted to confirm my ideas from the more experienced members here.
Thanks guys!
I am looking only to invest and not trade.
By that I mean I will NEVER be day trading, and trading on short term basis ONLY when absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, all I want to do is find value stocks/ good investments to protect and grow principal, while hopefully earning some dividends.
If the Goal is Long Term and Security/Reliability is more concern Go with Traditional Brokers...Though it will cost you bit more but its OK as your Goal is Long Term.

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