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1) I am Nikhil , a algorithmic trader based in Chandigarh. I have experience of working at proprietary trading firms however it was hard for me to stay in Metro cities having been brought up in Chandigarh or rather i should say there is more comfort in my home city as opposed to Metro cities! Unhappy life outside the markets frankly speaking results in unsuccessful trading & happy life outside the markets translates into successful trading.

2) I have been investing in mutual funds since i was 14 years old & started trading after i became eligible to drink :) so overall i have been associated with the markets for 14 years & seriously for the last 6 years.

3) My area of interest is dealing with derivatives and market micro structure

4) I make my trading decisions using objective technical analysis as opposed to subjective technical analysis

5) I organize monthly meetups for investors/traders in Chandigarh & a person i met at one such meetup suggested i come online at this forum.

6) I started a boutique financial firm in Chandigarh on 16th August 2017 offering discount broking solution , mutual fund solution , insurance solution , financial literacy solutions & value add services like portfolio hedging.
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