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Fundamental information on PEPPER NCDEX

Discussion in 'Softs' started by jack2k1, Oct 13, 2011.

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    1. Spot prices were 34,000 Rs/Qtl (UN garbled) & 35,500 Rs/Qtl (Garbled) in Cochin.
    2. In Brazil new crop is arriving, but the Brazilian exporters have already sold big quantities for the
    shipment of September through December.
    3. During Jan-Aug the export volume of pepper from Vietnam has touched 98,000 tons valued at USD 545
    million, which is higher by 78% in value over the same period last year. The average export price in
    August reached $ 6,066 / ton. Last month, the purchase price of black pepper was 115-120 thousand
    VND / kg
    4. In India, trading at domestic market is more active, following decreased local price this week coupled
    with the strengthening of US Dollar against Indian Rupees
    5. In August 2011, Malaysia is estimated to have shipped around 1,360 mt of pepper (1,245 mt of black
    and 115 mt of white pepper) as against 1,233 mt (887 mt of black and 346 mt of white pepper) shipped
    in August 2010
    6. In the month of July exports of pepper from Brazil was reported at 745 tons valued at USD 4.846
    7. Indian production expected to decline to 48,000 MT. Reports of farmers shifting to other more
    profitable crops have affected the production aspects for the crop in India.
    8. IPC has predicted 2011 crop to be lower by 2% at 309,952 MT. Carry forward stocks are expected to
    decline marginally to 94,582 MT vs 95,442 MT. Global exports have declined by 11% to 237,650 MT.
    9. The domestic demand has been met almost fully by Karntaka which has been offering at lower cost
    delivered anywhere in India.
    10. According to the International Pepper Community, world pepper output this year will fall by about
    6,500 tonnes against 2010 to 310,000 tonnes due to unfavorable weather conditions and pests in
    several producing countries
    11. During April-July 2011, a total quantity of 7550 MT of pepper valued Rs.20015.00 Lakhs was exported
    as against 6800 MT valued Rs.11557.30 lakhs in the same period last year. The unit value of pepper
    has increased from Rs.169.96 per kg in 2009-10 to Rs.265.10 per kg during 2010-11.
    12. The Global Production to be 2.03% lower in 2011. Consumption to grow at 5% in 2011 as against 3.46%
    in 2011
    13. Carry-forward stocks in producing countries are projected to decline marginally to 94,582 tonne in
    2011 from 95,442 tonne in 2010.
    14. Indian parity in the International market for ASTA quality is $ 8380C&F (Oct. shipment

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