@finvasia not replying on issue..

and u expect to grow without new customers..??

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Hi anmolsaraf52, Apologies for missing out on your last message. There is a technical issue with UIDAI for Aadhaar Esign. Please give us some time to fix it. Alternatively, please reach client support or Live chat for Offline Account opening process, if convenient. Our existing and new clients are our strength.   Thanks!
Anyone applied for leverage through Prism. Please post your experience.
I tried to do it for 2x for MCX account only (for emergency only, I donot need/want to go for, more than this), but couldnt be able to complete at the final stage of click. A red hollow circle blocked to click final click .
BTW, why not Finvasia, allow it (2x) as default. :D
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@ Finvasia

The amount enabled as 2x - 5x leverage is shown separately, if so then in which column of RMS View Limit, or as a total cash margin money available.
A trader friend told me that for MCX, 2x is provided by default (though he is not trading commodities). Is this so.
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