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Thanks for replying my query point by point and that too in detail
Hi traderniftybull, Please see the comments below

1. I understand that once I request for a leverage (1x to 3x) and if eligible, then it is a one time request and leverage will continue for daily (subject to opening balance), until cancelled for.

2. Though I know, how to convert intraday position, from NRML to MIS or MIS to NRML. But how to convert previous day carried NRML positions into MIS in morning.

In NEST, you can click F11 and look for Position Conv button on top right. Position conversion start after 9:15 AM.



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Call me dumb, but I got more confused after your detailed reply!!!!! :confusedd::confusedd::confusedd:

Let's say I have 40k cash. and 1 lot of some Fut is for 10k. So,
1. Nrml - I can buy 4 lots.
2. 2x free - you give me extra 40 k free of cost. I have 80k total. I can buy in MIS 8 lots.
3. 3x bronze - I have 40k. You give me free 40k. Then you gave additional 40 k. I have 120k. I can trade 12 lots. And you charge me for only that extra 40k.
4. 5x platinum - I have my 40k, your free 40k. You additionally lend me 120k. So I can trade in 5x = 200k = 20 lots. But you charge me for 120k only.

Am I right? If yes, then tell me how fees calculated. plz.

Do you people use differential % for each successive margin availed. like.
1. 40k - my own - 40k
2. +40 k - 0% -80k
3. +40 k - 6% -120k
4. +40k - 12% -160k
5. +40 k - 18% -200k

Hi msdtime,

You are correct in calculating leverage. The charges (GST extra) shall be

3. 18% on 40K : 27
4. 18% on 80K : 54
5. 18% on 120K : 82

Calculations are based on 12 months and 22 working days.

Yes, additional charges are for 1 L only. Please refer our reply #942



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Do we have to do something to take a trade in Crude options. As I was not allowed to take a trade in crude options, with error,

RMS:Blocked for OPTFUT DELER mcx_fo type ALL

Hi traderniftybull, You need to get your MCX option segment activated. As per compliance SEBI circular, one time confirmation was required from all existing MCX clients to activate their Option segment. Please log in in PRISM and send request on “Enable MCX Options” using OTP sent to your registered Mobile number. Thanks


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how to do funds payin in finv ? backoffice se instant payin hota hai ?
There is an payment system in Prism for NOW users , Atom , any charges per transfer ?
Hi TraderRavi,

You can transfer from PRISM (NOW Funds), NEST, etc. Since ATOM is third party payment gateway, there are charges.

Scalpert available for NOW users ?
ScalperT is not available for NOW users for trading since both work on different OMS/RMS.

no web based platform like kite ?
ScalperT has web ( and Mb version though NEST & SCALPERT can be used together.



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@finvasia not replying on issue..

and u expect to grow without new customers..??

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Hi anmolsaraf52, Apologies for missing out on your last message. There is a technical issue with UIDAI for Aadhaar Esign. Please give us some time to fix it. Alternatively, please reach client support or Live chat for Offline Account opening process, if convenient. Our existing and new clients are our strength.   Thanks!
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