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    :) Hello ,i Was Looking For Creating Value Charts [ Given In Book "dynamic Trading Indicators'by Mark W Helweg, And David Stendahl ;publisher John Wilyy And Sons]in This Indicator We Create Floating Axis Which Is A Simple Moving Average Of Average Price [high+low/2]preceding 4 Days And That Prarticular Day
    Relative Chart Is Price Of Each Day Displyed In O,h,l,c Bar Format By Formula [floating Axis - H,l.o,c.of Perticular Day]
    This Is Relative Chart Ploted On A Line Above And Below Zero As O,h,l,c Chart .value Chart Is Modification Of Relative Charts By Multiplying Volatility Factor To Each Value Of Realative O,h.l,c Of Each Day. Which Is Adding Range [high-low] Of Preceeding 5 Days And Divide By 5 This Way We Can Asses Fair Vlue Of Stocks And Gives Idia About Fair Value Of Stock .
    I Tryed To Create Valu Charts Using F Charts U D I ,but I Could Not Do I Could Not Even Create Floating Axis Can U Guide Me In This Regard I Think It Will Be A Usefull Indicator For Investers Looking For Value Investing If U Can Add This To Your F Charts
    Any Programmers ?who Can Do It
    With Warmest Regards

    H R Nayak

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