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Equity master - which is the money multiplier??

Discussion in 'Websites' started by ememm, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. ememm

    ememm New Member

    Dec 16, 2009
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    Hi ,
    Does anyone have any idea about the stock idea being heavily advertised by equitymaster? They charge a lot to start their account only after which they will disclose the stock name. If anyone can share the stock which has been picked by them others can benefit and also we can discuss whether equitymasters valuation is correct.

    -- EmEmm
  2. bunny

    bunny Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2009
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    Mumbai 400051
    Can you post that advertisement please?
  3. jvblogger

    jvblogger Active Member

    Sep 18, 2007
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    I have subscribed equitymaster for 5 years, as they provide very detailed reports in all three CAPS. Equitymaster keeps keen watch on such publication of their recommendations , and hunt down with copy right notice to remove it. I dont find their subscription very high considering annual subscription of Rs. 5,000-00 for each CAPS. There is some discount scheme is also going on.
  4. ememm

    ememm New Member

    Dec 16, 2009
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    An Opportunity To
    Double Your Money In 3-4 Years. . .

    Do you know of any company that touches the daily lives of 10% of India's population? It probably touches your life too. Only that you have never thought of it as a money making opportunity. No, the company we are talking of does not sell soaps or anything like that. In fact it does not really sell any product!

    Here's more on this company...

    It's the largest in the space that it operates. And despite its size it continues to grow faster than most of its peers.

    In the last five years, this company has grown its revenues more than seven times; but note this - in the same time period it has grown its profits by over 11 times! However, what really excites us is that over the next 3 to 4 years, we expect the company to far outperform its peers.

    So, this is a huge company that we are talking about... and here's why we believe that now is the right time to get in on this opportunity... The company's stock price has crashed by over 35% in the last six months. This is even as the BSE-Sensex rallied by 20% during the same period.

    Now, why would this happen if the company's history and prospects look so exciting?

    Well, the answer is 'fear'.

    Fear that excessive competition will dent the company's future prospects permanently. In fact the price at which this cash rich company is trading at the stock markets already reflects this concern.

    We, as you may have guessed, wish to differ. In our opinion, the inherent business strengths will ensure the company emerges stronger from this challenge. This company has a proven execution record, deep management strength, and diversified business interests within its industry. And we see it coming out successful on the other side of the competitive war. Also, to reflect that, the stock price could actually double in the next 3 - 4 years.

    Of course there may be near term blips. The stock could fall further, or not. But then this is true of all investments you make in the stock markets, no matter how sure you are of their prospects!

    We see this as a wonderful investment opportunity for long term investors.

    Exhaustive details about this opportunity will be revealed in our report, which will be available only to StockSelect subscribers.

    If you sign up for StockSelect through this offer, you will receive the report immediately upon its release at 2 PM IST on Saturday, 12th of December.

    The report will be delivered right to your email inbox and also made available in the "Members Only" area of our website.

    So you can access it right away and invest in the company fast, before other investors catch a wind of it.

    Click here to subscribe
  5. rkkarnani

    rkkarnani Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2004
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    Why not let us make intelligent guesses!!!!?? EM has mentioned all the pointers and let us post our 'findings' based on these facts!!!
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  6. jvblogger

    jvblogger Active Member

    Sep 18, 2007
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    I received email today from EM, announcing their new discount scheme...

    Dear Savvy Investor,

    If you are looking at multiplying your money, there's no better place to invest than midcap stocks.

    Since we are able to identify stocks that return 358%, 143%, 151% and 132%, how could our view be any different!

    On that note, here's something else we wanted to draw your attention to...

    You see, we make all our long-term midcap recommendations through our service, MidCapSelect.

    MidCapSelect usually costs Rs 5,000. But for the next 7 days, you can get it for Rs 3,000 only!

    And the best part - there's absolutely no risk. You can try MidCapSelect for 30 days. During the trial you will have access to all features, including the recommendation archives and special reports. If for any reason you don't find it useful, just get in touch with us and we'll refund all your money. No questions asked.

    For full details, read below...


    Rahul Goel
    CEO, Equitymaster
    Until December 23rd Only!

    "Subscribe to Equitymaster's
    MidCap Recommendation Service
    For Just 60% of Full Price"

    And get a copy of the Equitymaster
    StockMarket Yearbook 2010 costing Rs 750
    Absolutely FREE!

    December 17th, 2009.

    Dear Equitymaster Reader,

    Imagine converting Rs 1 lakh of your money into Rs 2.96 lakhs in a span of LESS THAN 8 months, and that too without much risk.

    It's true! That's the kind of returns our subscribers have made lately.

    But still... despite us having built up a solid reputation for ourselves over the last ten years... people will always be hesitant about signing up to a new service, and we understand that.

    That's why we now want to extend to you an invitation, to try our premium MidCap service at a discount.

    For the next 6 days only...

    You can sign up for our MidCap Recommendation Service, MidCapSelect for just Rs 3,000 or 60% of full price!

    That's Rs 2,000 less than what you'd normally pay... and there's also a lot more stuff on offer (as you will see below).

    Plus, there's also no risk!

    You can test-drive MidCapSelect for a full 30 days through this offer... and if you don't like it, just let us know before the 31st day and we'll refund the fee you paid.

    Fair enough?

    So why are we doing this?

    Because we know that once you get in and start making money from our recommendations, you will realize that whatever you pay for the service is only a tiny fraction of what you can make using it.

    Secondly, like I said earlier, we've also received a ton of requests from people asking if they could get a discount on MidCapSelect. So we want to give them another opportunity too.

    However, we're making this offer available for 6 days only.

    On December 23rd the price will revert back to the usual Rs 5,000.

    So if you've ever been interested in making money from MidCaps, now is the time to get in and try our service.

    To make it even better, we've also got another special gift for you this time...

    The Equitymaster Stock Market Yearbook 2010
    (PDF Version)

    The Equitymaster Yearbook is a guide consisting of financial analysis and business profiles of the leading 200 companies in India.

    Equitymaster Stockmarket Yearbook 2010For each of the 200 selected companies, the Equitymaster Stock Market Yearbook provides a full page of financial and other important data, conveniently tabulated under relevant headings with a host of important ratios.

    Fundamentals such as profitability, share valuations and trends in growth are revealed at a glance.

    Apart from the current data, the Yearbook also provides information on the history of each company and its progress and transformation over time.

    Simply put, this book offers accurate, unbiased and detailed data on leading companies, sectors and economy... all in one place!

    Maybe you're someone who has an interest in tracking the progress of the Indian economy and leading Indian companies through time, but don't know how to.

    Or maybe you're looking for a gift for someone you wish to initiate into the world of 'smart' investing.

    Whatever the case, you will find the Yearbook extremely useful and informative.

    The Yearbook costs Rs 750. But if you subscribe to MidCapSelect through this offer, you get it absolutely FREE.

    So why delay any longer?

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    MidCapSelect has made our subscribers
    returns of 143%, 358%, 151% and 132%
    in the last 8 months alone. . .

    A few months back... on 28th March, 2009 to be exact... we had released a special report exclusively for MidCapSelect subscribers titled "Multi-bagger MidCaps".

    It was a time when fear dominated the markets and investors remained extremely cautious.

    But we knew all along that the pessimism was indeed being overdone and there were a large number of opportunities in the MidCap space.

    So after a detailed analysis, we unearthed four gems that were best positioned to not only give a prospective investor a great shot at making fabulous returns over the next 2-3 years, but also had the fundamentals and the business model to ride out the downturn in case it turned worse.

    To cut a long story short... events unfolded far sooner than we expected, and all the four stocks have gained handsomely since our recommendation.

    Here are those four stocks for you:

    a) Opto Circuits

    Opto Circuits

    When the CEO of a company chooses to increase his stake in the company... at a price which is a good 55% above the market price... one dare not doubt the medium term outlook for that company.

    Even more so when the company is growing its topline and bottomline at a rate of 47% and 74% respectively for not one, not two but a five year period... and that too in a business that is recession proof. One really has to be sleepwalking to pass up such an opportunity!

    Well, we certainly weren't sleep walking and when the opportunity presented itself to us, we recommended it to our subscribers.

    Our subscribers who acted on our recommendation have more than doubled their money in a matter of months!

    b) Yes Bank

    Yes Bank

    If doubling your money is not exciting enough, how about QUADRUPLING it!

    Yes, that's the gain our second recommendation, Yes Bank, has given over a space of less than eight months!

    Now, you might wonder why we recommended a stock that belongs to an industry which was at the heart of the global financial crisis. Well, a lot of investors seemed to have made the same mistake in understanding the company.

    No doubt that the bank belonged to the financial sector. But most of its business was India-centric and hence quite insulated from the crisis.

    Secondly, the firm was also safeguarded due to its differentiated lending approach and well-hedged revenue stream.

    So while investors failed to latch on to these factors and took the stock to the cleaners, we believed that the hammering was a little overdone and hence recommended the stock to our subscribers... making them party to an incredible 358% in less than eight months!

    c) Sintex Industries

    Sintex Industries

    Here's another of our recommendations from the Multi-bagger MidCap that more than doubled in a space of few months - Sintex industries.

    Although the stock was beaten down on account of near term concerns with respect to the company's growth and profitability, once again it was way too overdone, thus making available the company at rock bottom valuations.

    Also, the company's past track record with respect to innovation and identifying new usage opportunities in the plastics business was a big clincher for us.

    Eventually, even the markets seemed to have come to praise these virtues of the firm... as was evident from the doubling of the stock since our recommendation date.

    d) Shriram Transport Finance

    Shriram Transport Finance

    Our last recommendation in the Multi-bagger Midcap report was Shriram Transport Finance company.

    Once again, while the company had to bear the brunt of a secular, market wide sell off, we thought its asset valuation and loan recovery skills had made it a great long-term bet on the future of financing of commercial vehicles.

    And what do you know?

    Our faith has been vindicated by the strong 132% jump the stock has seen since the lows of March 2009.

    Simply put, if you had invested Rs 100,000 in each of these companies back then, you'd have made Rs 1,184,000 by now.

    Or in other words, you'd have turned every Rs 1 lakh of your money into Rs 2.96 lakhs.

    This is just a small indication of what you could
    make by subscribing to MidCapSelect

    MidCapSelect, like I already told you, is our MidCap Stock recommendation service.

    If you're looking for the huge returns that only Small-caps can offer, but without the same degree of risk... and also better stability and consistent dividends like that offered by Large caps, then MidCapSelect is the service you need.

    MidCapSelect tells you which mid-sized companies are a "must-have" for your portfolio... and more importantly, it notifies you as and when they're available at attractive valuations.

    The problem with Large caps is that even though they're stable and offer consistent dividends, the potential to make huge returns consistently is low.

    In contrast, Small Caps offer huge growth potential but there's enormous risk involved and there's a chance of losing money quickly.

    So if you'd like to get the best of both worlds, I suggest you sign up for MidCapSelect.

    Take a look at how some of our recently recommended companies have done:

    1) A Pharmaceutical company

    Pharmaceutical Company

    Recommended on 4th March 09.

    The stock gained an impressive 212% i.e. more than tripling the investment.

    We recommended the stock because we believed that investor concerns with respect to the pharma industry were way too exaggerated.

    We found these and other concerns to be overdone, and our faith was vindicated as the stock more than tripled since our recommendation.

    2) A Packaging company

    A Packaging company

    Doubling in a short span of six months, this investment yielded a fantastic return for our subscribers.

    Certain investors dumped the stock into the market some time back for reasons entirely different than the company's fundamentals.

    In view of the massive correction and the company's exposure to virtually recession proof sectors like FMCG and Pharma, we felt the risk reward ratio of investing in the company was overwhelmingly in favor of the investor.

    Our faith has been vindicated by the sharp 154% jump in the company's share price since our recommendation.

    What makes our research services unique?

    First of all, our focus is always on delivering stock ideas which will be profitable IN THE LONG TERM.

    We strive to provide honest opinions on stocks based on a time-tested investment process that we have developed over the years.

    Now coming to MidCapSelect, our midcap stock recommendation service...

    MidCaps, as you know, are relatively under researched. There is an opportunity here, but at the same time there is a serious lack of credible information.

    We want you to subscribe to MidCapSelect now so that you too can benefit from our comprehensive, time-tested research process for MidCaps.

    We believe that our research, which is long term in nature, will appeal to long term investors like you.

    You have been cheated time and time again
    Not anymore!

    You see, we're not stock brokers. We have nothing to gain even if you buy the stocks we recommend.

    But our income... and our credibility... depend on whether or not the stocks we recommend make you money.

    That's why we take extreme care while finalizing the stocks that we recommend.

    * All our recommendations are supported by thorough research; we list out the reasons to buy and also the investment concerns that we foresee

    * We travel far and wide to meet companies before we put out reports on them

    * For each stock, we clearly state the target price and also the time horizon for achieving the same

    * We go to great lengths to ascertain the credibility of the management since quality of governance is an extremely vital issue (as was revealed by the recent corporate scandals)

    This is exactly why nearly 600,000 registered members (of all Equitymaster services combined) trust us!

    Here's what one of them has to say...

    "I love your MidCapSelect service which is analytical and rich in information and also prompt with respect to timing."

    -- Vasant Mallya

    And here's what you get when you
    subscribe to MidCapSelect. . .

    Every alternate week, we send you a MidCapSelect report notifying you of an attractive MidCap opportunity.

    In each report, we clearly give a recommendation and discuss the pros and cons of investing in that company at that point of time... hence enabling you to make an educated decision instead of going with gut feelings.

    And the good thing is... while we strive to find new investment opportunities for you, we also do not hesitate to put out a SELL report just in case a stock is grossly overpriced.

    So you get 2 MidCapSelect reports every month. Plus, we also release special premium reports from time to time... as and when attractive opportunities show up.

    And there's one other thing...

    I bet that you, like numerous other people, were taken aback by the 'Satyam' fiasco and started wondering how many more companies of that sort are there in India that you don't know about.

    Because we meet various companies face to face, do our due diligence and continuously track our recommendations... we reduce the risk of a "Satyam" like situation emerging in stocks that we recommend.

    But I have to warn you...

    Even after being extremely careful,
    our predictions could sometimes turn out to be wrong. . .

    Now I'm not going to say we are 100% accurate all the time.

    No! We've had our share of misses too.

    Sure, we recommend a stock only when it has met all the required parameters.

    But still... even when we have all those valid reasons for recommending those stocks, the assumptions we make sometimes turn out to be incorrect.

    The truth is there are no guarantees that we will have perfect track record. But what you can be rest assured is that when you receive a research note from us, you can be sure that it is our honest opinion about the stock, based on certain time-tested criteria and assumptions.

    So what else do you get by subscribing to MidCapSelect?


    These are special articles and reports available to our premium subscribers only.

    We release over 800 of them every year.

    You might understand that there are a lot of factors influencing the stock price, most of which need to be monitored regularly. So from time to time, we release instant reports and updates on various companies.

    These articles include excerpts of management meetings, extracts of conference calls, updates on the happenings in a company and our personal views on it, and so on.

    This is all "unadulterated" information and it will serve as a valuable input for your investment decision.

    Portfolio Tracker

    The Portfolio Tracker is an online utility to help you track your equity and mutual fund investments!

    It's online, and is available to you 24 hrs a day.

    It's always updated with the latest stock prices... and you also get a number of reports to help you understand your portfolio better.

    The Portfolio Tracker usually costs Rs 330 for a year. But by subscribing to MidCapSelect, you get it absolutely FREE.

    Rendezvous with Money:
    The Investment Guide for Women

    The Investment Guide for WomenWomen today don multiple hats with immaculate ease. They're homemakers, breadwinners, corporate executives, heads of major institutions, leaders of political parties and what not.

    But despite this, our studies show that even today women are not as active as men when it comes to making investments.

    Most women just prefer to stack all their money in bank accounts. A few others go for fixed and provident fund deposits. But this is where it ends for most.

    And there's a good reason for this too...

    So far there haven't been many investing guides written exclusively for women. Most of them are just general investment guides that make investing look more difficult than it is.

    That's why... keeping in mind the interests of women investors, Equitymaster has come out with "Rendezvous with Money: The Investment Guide for Women" which discusses investing totally from a woman's perspective.

    In this guide we've tried to discuss various aspects of investing in simple terms so that the reader is not unnecessarily confused or overwhelmed.

    So if you'd like your wife to be a little more enthusiastic about saving, your daughter to take an active interest in planning her financial life, or your friend to make better informed investment decisions... give them a copy of 'Rendezvous with Money - The investment guide for women'.

    It's absolutely FREE! So you can give it away with our compliments to as many women as you like.

    So to summarize, here's all you get by signing up to Midcap Select...

    * Subscription to Midcap Select for just Rs 3,000
    (usual price = Rs 5,000)

    * 26 Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations
    (Investment horizon of atleast 3 years)

    * Special Reports from time to time

    * Quarterly reviews of these recommendations

    * S Features

    * Portfolio Tracker

    * Our Special report - "Rendezvous With Money: The Investment Guide For Women"

    * FREE Equitymaster Yearbook 2010 (PDF Version)

    Why delay any longer?

    This offer will be open until the 23rd of December only, and we don't want you to miss out.

    Sign up for MidCapSelect today.

    Like I already told you...

    This is a NO-RISK offer

    You can try MidCapSelect without risk for 30 days.

    During this one month, you will get two issues of MidCapSelect, and access to archives of ALL the previous issues.

    After going through them, you should have a fairly good idea of whether MidCapSelect is for you or not.

    If you don't like what you see... just let us know before the 31st day and we'll refund the full amount that you paid. No questions asked.

    But the important thing to note is that this will be the last time we offer the Equitymaster Stock Market Yearbook 2010 for free along with MidCapSelect.

    Simply put, this combination of (MidCapSelect at a discount + Free Yearbook 2010) will not be available after this.

    So don't forgo this opportunity.

    Subscribe Now! Click here!

    Yours sincerely,

    Rahul Goel
    Chief Executive Officer

    P.S.:You have two options - Put off subscribing to MidCapSelect for later and pay Rs 5,000 when you do. Or get in now for just Rs 3,000!

    P.P.S.: This offer closes on the 23rd of December, 2009. And after that we also won't be giving away the Equitymaster Stock Market Yearbook for free. So I suggest you wisely sign up now and get both the discount and the free Yearbook.

  7. ememm

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    Dec 16, 2009
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    I am not expecting research reports to be pasted in here. But whatever data given in the mail are not copyrighted. So y noy try to guess which is the company they are talking baout. And the ony way to find about if their claims are true is to wait for 3-4 years?

    They advertise and charge money as if its guaranteed return. I know that , its is the inherent risk of stock market, but I dont think they should take advantage of investors by such heavy advertising. Will they give back the money if their suggestion fails? No. And if we cant discuss it, the pupose of this community fails. My perception about this community is that it should help investors to make decisions without just relying on recommendations by any agency. So there is nothing wrong in discussing their recommendation , thats what i feel. If admins feels otherwise, we can remove this thread.

    EM advertisements carry stock examples where they have recommended stocks in last March and have made more than 100% since then. But I feel last march, markets were bottomed out and many of the stocks have risen 100% since then , so its kind of misleading advertisement. So....

    Anyone have any idea about the stock? I feel its in power sector since they told it doesnt 'sell' anything

  8. read_invest

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    They are partnered with Agora marketing mobs which are evil scammers..
  9. blisscapital

    blisscapital Active Member

    Jul 23, 2009
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    no its not good ..wana discuss online ashiqueabrar is my yahoo id
  10. oilman5

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    ya their company is good........helps to learn fundamental.
    call wise at least have some logic........timingwise poor

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