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Regular withdrawals from trading account?

Friends and fellow traders :)

Do you regularly withdraw money from your trading account?

If yes:
1.What do you do with the withdrawn money?
2.How frequently do you do it? (Weekly/monthly etc.)
3.How do you decide how much to withdraw each time?
Chalo bhai logo... out for Diwali, be back on new year (27th) .. Wishing everyone a very happy diwali with family and a prosperous new year :thumb:.

PS : I will be spending my Diwali on train :(
hi good evening all of you , i am back after a long gap i wonder after coming back from tj forum i saw that many people are missing here in canteen infact i have to search this thread
sg sir,timepass,asanvale,venkat,columbussir,linkon,traderravi,gauharjk,preethi how are you doing all of you
Oh we keep moving around. These days Sudoku's and 4xpipcounter's threads are being used as the Canteen.
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