Banknifty target 3399 ??? Are you ready ???


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You can draw one more trendline in 4999 and onemore in 1999. Anyway you are not trading.

Keep this word in Mind

"Taking trade one should have guts, drawing trendline one pencil is enough"

I hope you have nice pencil. Keep it up ! ! ! ! !
Dear friends,

i newer concentrate and didn't reply any comments..because i only follow "what are charts says ".

just i am shearing my views with charts update.. if any wrong or mistake in my charts reading kindly advise and update my mistakes with your chart reading that's very help full for me and thread viewers ..otherwise sorry no comments at my end...
Already we mentioned banknifty down side target 9150,
Now some important support seen at 10400 level
banknifty if trade and hold below this level then ????
yessss... Banknifty Downside target 3399

In your chart only there are many possibilities...
1. It can become a trading range and bounce back from 8000 level.
2. if it goes below it there is a gap of 5700 to 6300 which will again act as support
3. If this gap also does not give support then only it can go your level.

So just dont give levels just like that and just check that yours is a weekly chart and one swing is for 1-1.5 years so if everything goes well for you then also your target is not coming for 2-3 years.
So now tell me how can we trade banknifty depending on your analysis for long term


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So now tell me how can we trade banknifty depending on your analysis for long term
After 20 years Human can live in Mars (as per Science). However, no good water in our earth, talking about living in Mars after 20 years.

Same way you can take this level for long term and initiate trade now.

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