100%return over a capital of 15lac in 7days

oh really
kya bol rahe ho dost seriously u r interested :rofl::rofl::rofl:
mere ko laga koi interest nahi lega
and y u think he will give his system to u
mithai baat raha hai kya wo
Well why are u interested in the fact that "koi interest lega ya nai"?:confused::confused::confused:
i made this post so that i may meet the best than this as well:thumb:


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hello guys i did it and its totally system trading with which i traded so

here is my financial ledger so far

guys if u want any proof am ready to show and answer every question of yours
Just Be Polite
what you want from us ?
challenge you to proove your 100% return in 7 days or ask you about your trading strategy ?

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