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    Debt Component in Nifty

    Hi, I am trying to value a stock using CAPM. The company is debt free and profit making but the Beta w.r.t. Nifty is 1.09 (per reuters) To make sense of the market premium on Nifty and use it to calculate the cost of capital of company, I need the amount of debt that the components of nifty...
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    SENSEX overvalued by 14.10% - Fundamental valuation of SENSEX

    I am sure you guys must have heard lately that markets went ahead of themselves too quickly and should experience some correction. Although there is lots of storytelling in the media but I never saw any fundamental valuation of SENSEX. So i though you may find this SENSEX valuation report...
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    What is valuation and different approaches

    I see a lot of people interested in knowing about valuation and i am sure there are lots of books out there but few that are clear, consistent and deal with Indian comapnies example. What Indian company has to do with valuation - of course, when one does fundamental valuation parameters like...
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    Whats the intrinsic value of Satyam

    Although satyam has appreciated 300% since acquisition, the up side is going forward maxes @Rs 320, under most optimistic scenario(rev cagr of 24% for next 4 years(2009-2011),excess return of 5% in stable growth, EBIT margin of 24% and legal liability to the tune of 3000cr). Under more...