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  1. S

    Master strategy - either profit or zero loss

    Does anyone have the PDF guide for this trading strategy called "Master strategy" sold for Rs 6500/- at " masterstrategy[dot]in " , they say it is a zero risk either profit or zero loss , this is a non directional , hedged , positional strategy which needs three steps to implement that...
  2. I

    Renko chart strategy

    Hi All, I have tried renko charts on forex and find it mostly accurate with very less whipsaws. Hence i was wondering that can this be applied on Nifty or Stock futures. Below are my queries and request all seniors/experts to help out, 1. What should be the candle size for Nifty Future...
  3. P

    Strategy involving MACD and Bollinger based RSI

    Hi, I calculate bollinger based RSI by passing the RSI for 14 days into bollinger band for 50 days (just like closing price is used to calculate bollinger bands). My strategy is: Buy when: Bollinger based RSI is below bollinger bottom MACD with slow=12 and fast=26 is greater than 0...
  4. madhavareddy1203

    Need AFL : for this Strategy

    Hi, Im looking for afl with explorer for below strategy. After 3 yrs researching on amibroker afls i came to conclusion that there is no afl which give success rate above 60%. and i have stopped searching for new afls. im tired. Still some people searching for Holygrails and above 90% success...
  5. R

    Rules for profitable day/swing trading

    1. Trade in the direction of the trend. Buy at or near rising 20 period MA, sell at or near downward sloping 20 period MA.This will eliminate 70-80% of your losing trades. 2. Always cut your losses and let your profits run. Take small losses and large wins. 3. Trail stop loss. Don't let a...
  6. R

    Problem with backtesting - A good read.

    Problems with backtesting Excerpt from Fooled by Randomness. The hidden role of chance in life and in the markets.' by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. A backtester is a software program connected to a database of historical prices, which allows me to check the hypothetical past performance of any...
  7. R

    Top 10 trades and how they happened

    The Greatest Trades Of All Time from For the top 10 trading losses of all time, click here : This list is going to be controversial, however...
  8. R

    A story of three traders Nero Tulip, part 1/3

    Excerpt from the book Fooled by randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (The author tells the stories of three Wall Street traders (Nero Tulip, Carlos and John) whose fates were defined by the 1998 summer crises. A good reading for traders looking at differing trading strategies one being in...
  9. R

    Wicked thought / strategy

    Assuming XYZ is day trader or trading futures, and is loosing money consistently over a long period of time. For sake of argument say, if he were to trade in the opposite direction of his strategy, i.e Sell when the strategy calls for a buy and vice-versa, would he make money? My own...
  10. B

    Winning Strategy

    Recently I read in a book that a winning strategy must include losing. Basically a stock trader shouldn't expect to not take a loss forever. Profits and losses are part of the winning strategy only that for a given odds the profits must outweigh the total loss from all losses. And also that the...
  11. M

    Chart Examples of Uttam's Method of Selling (UMS)

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to examples & discussion of UMS method. To know more about UMS or Uttam's fantastic work, please visit this thread To know more about UMS, Please Click here Uttam: Hope you will like this initative. I wish if you can review (time permitting) various...
  12. L

    I tried to search for this mathod I found..

    Bollinger Band - A master tool for intraday setups. I won't say I found it... I don't know anyone has created such things before or not.. But as per my observation I tried to develop my own thing. I can't claim that it's 110% mine.. but still I just wanna share for the reason that if anyone...
  13. K

    Nifty Entry ,Exit ,Target levels with Median Line Charts

    Hi I trade with a combination of Median Lines and Fibonacci levels.Posting my charts for projecting Nifty Entry,exits and target levels for daily trades.
  14. K

    Trading Strategy Backtesting - Questions for the learned

    Hi TJ Members, I have come across some threads on this website that talk about trading systems, however i had a few questions about how do you backtest them. I am listing those down, if anyone could take time out and share their thoughts/answers. 1. What are the steps to backtesting? 2...
  15. M

    Morning Doji Star Pattern & related strategies

    Hello Friends, I'm trying to learn various candlestick pattern & trying to work out a method that can be really effective. I was told that morning doji star is very effective bullish pattern. While working with last 6-12 monhs data I found above is very true as almost 45 stocks (out of...
  16. A

    Trading Predicament

    Dear All, I am facing perhaps the paradox of my life. It goes like this: I want to push myself away from the trading screen as much as possible, i.e I want to work on a higher time frame rather than a lower time frame. The primary reason being, my decision making skill is a glorious mess...
  17. TFL

    A real life Analysis and Guide on NIFTY trading.

    Dear members, I used to trade Nifty Futures intraday only. I set a stoploss of 15 and targets at +20/+10/+10 Today I did as follows: --------------------- Brought 4 Lots Nifty @4285, stoploss @ 4270. At 20 point rise (4305): Booked profit in 2 lots. Then keep stoploss as Buy price +...