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trading psychology

  1. _Phantom_

    Paper Trading your system- Is it needed?

    Hi all, I had recently joined this forum and had a chance to scan through some of the best threads and posts. During this process of going through these posts, I noticed some members having conflicting views about Paper Trading that it is no good, waste of time etc. etc. as things are...
  2. Blu

    Way to Financial Freedom

    Hello Members, I stumbled upon this forum a week back.I have been a member of many forums all over the world and i must say this forum is among the best i have seen. Today decided to register and start my own thread. I have been trading for 8 years quite successfully. I have shifted to...
  3. R

    Wrong thinking and trading losses.

    Excerpt from The disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas -------------------------------------------------- 1. Refusing to define a loss. 2. Not exiting a losing trade, even after you acknowledge the trades potential is greatly diminished. 3. Getting locked into a specific opinion or...
  4. S

    Trade Psychology to trade money

    OK , guys I agree there are many threads related to psychology on this forum, but I want to discuss all the myths & emotions a trader feels while trading or when you started trading? Because only and only if we put them forward can we all find a solution & find a stable mind which am sure...
  5. A

    Trader's Challenge: Keeping the demons in leash

    I have often wondered and genuinely (still) striving to keep the emotional quotient of trades under a constant leash. Opinions vary, on how to achieve this:Advices include, "treat-this-trade-as-just-another-trade" to "control-your-greed-and-fear". But as much as it is a challenging job...