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  1. Shivam DUbey

    Indian stocks & Indian ADR

    Guys which one does trade earlier- Indian stocks or Indian ADR. For eg: trade in ICICIbank tades first or ICICI bank ltd (ADR) ? Can someone please help with the same.
  2. M

    Taking the time out

    Hi, I started trading about a month back. I am interested in learning about the technical analysis and other concepts here. but I am confused as trading is not my primary profession. so I like to ask you guys, how much time I should spend per day to learn these concepts and apply in...
  3. Ganesh543

    My Stock Broking Firm Force Me To Close Intraday Position at 3:00 PM ? Why...........

    Dear Friends I have my trading account with Religare Securities and they force me to close my intraday position at 3:00 PM And I often unnecessarily book losses due to their this policy.... Why we are not allowed to hold our position till 3:25 PM or 3:15 PM .......... I called up...
  4. R

    minimum holding period for bonus n splits

    hi all i wanna know if there is ne minimum specific time period that we have to stay invested in order to take advantage of all the splits n bonus in a particular share is or is it like even if we hav purchased the share few days back n if there is ne split or bonus in that share, we will get...