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stop loss

  1. punam.fintrade

    StopLoss Query on Delivery Script @ ZeroDha .

    Hello Friends, If I have a shares of any company ( eg - tata Motors ) in my Holding, I bought it 15 days ago ,at say Rs. 400. I want to place Stop Loss at maybe Rs. 300. Now when i go to Zerodha Sell , I see Stop Loss options that are valid only for today. ( i.e, validity - Day ) . How can I...
  2. S

    Confusion about trailing stop loss and book profit

    Hello Traders, I am new to this trading game and got confused while doing an Intraday trade today from kotak security So I placed an order of 20 shares of ICICIGI at 804.60. Set the Trailing Stop Loss (Sell) by adding spread of 7.00 trailing at Market. Then I put 818.00 in book profit input box...
  3. A

    Trailing stop loss

    I know that trailing stop loss increases with increasing price according to the values entered. I want to know how does it work in a short selling position. As in a shorting situation the stop loss will be higher than my purchased price, will the trailing stop loss increase with increase in...
  4. P

    Hello to Everyone - Help to stop my loss

    Hi, I'm Prakaash... I have been trading for last 11 years, not continuously/full time. Whenever I get time to loss my hard earning money, will not miss those opportunities. :( But every time, I have reason to stop the trading. This is my 7th time to enter into the trading. I have done only...
  5. A

    Should I make stop loss orders on unsettled purchases?

    Hello, I have just started investing in stocks and I make stop loss orders immediately after buying a stock. But I am confused whether I should do the same on the next two days (T+1 and T+2) when the stocks I purchased are still not credited to my demat account. If I make the order on...
  6. M

    How stop loss in amibroker backtest works?

    Can any amibroker programming gurus can help me with clearing this concept. I want to add stop loss function to my backtest script and I found this fixed stop loss code. amount = 2; // 2% loss ApplyStop( stopTypeLoss, stopModePercent, amount, True ); my question is how amibroker determines a...
  7. M

    Which discount brokers supply trailing stop loss for overnight positon?

    Whether in India trailing stop loss (not fixed) is available for overnight positional traders? If not why? Does any discount brokers in india planning to introduce trailing stop loss for overnight trader and who are they?
  8. A

    Stop loss

    If the CMP of any stock is 255. and I think that the stock get down... But to prevent the loss in opposing direction of market, I place the buy order with limit price 259 with trigger 258.5. but when i put the order, then it executes immediatly, but at that time CMP is 255 Please help...
  9. A

    Share strategies which you use as insurance againt black swans or other rare events

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively a new trader (trading from around an year), recently I've implemented fixed fractional money management strategy to gain more profits. Everything is going better than my expectation - but something has me stunned, this thread actually...
  10. T

    Intraday trading beginner strategy

    I want to discuss my intraday stock trading strategy. I am new to the market and doing my research work at the moment to get on with it.The strategy is based on what i have learnt till now..... Here, Consider a stock X of Rs500 (a volatile share) Now suppose it gains Rs 5 and reaches...
  11. P

    Stop Loss order valid for multiple days; during off-hours

    I have 5-6 stocks in my portfolio, and I always like to have a SL in place to save my investment from any sudden collapse. However currently I am placing SL orders everyday for ALL securities DAILY,which is a painful exercise, liable to misses. Can someone suggest: 1. Which brokers allow GTD...
  12. F

    backtest help, plz.

    May any expert advice me if I just want to backtest my buy signal only? I want to know after the signal is there, and the highest 10 days high after signal is how much and also the lowest 10 days after signal? CAn I set stop gain or stop loss? say after rise 10%, if below 10%, then sell...
  13. D

    Which Brokerage gives GTC Stoploss facility?

    Hi, Being a positional trader, many of my positions have deep stoplosses (according to Saint's pivot method), which will not be realistically be triggered today. But, a Sl is a SL, so I enter the SL order religiously daily. Only it becomes tedious to do daily when you are holding 10-15 stocks...
  14. T

    Average stop loss percent on your trades and Percent of trades that do not hit SL

    Hello Dear Traders, I am new to futures trading and testing my system in commodities and nifty futures. As i am trying to improvise my system i have some questions which i thought i should share here and get opinions from senior ppl and also new traders. 1) What percent of your total...
  15. K

    10 straight SLs and 2 trades to recover

    Dear Fellow Traders, I recently had an experience which shook me and almost had me rethink about my confidence in trading. For 3 days , I had Stop losses hit across 10 continuous trades. I am a purely Technical Trader, all SLs are put on the basis of TA and reading and interpreting charts...
  16. C

    Where can one place both stop & target orders?

    Does any one know stock broker or trading platform or software that allows placement of two orders linked to each other: 1. stop loss order and 2. target order. On execution of any one order, the other order gets cancelled automatically. Margin is not blocked as the linked orders aim to square...
  17. Jitu80

    How to work with stop loss

    Hi Team, I am newbie in market want to know about stop loss. how to make ST to DP share?(having SBICAPSEC account) If anyone can explain with example then will really appreciated.:thumb: Thank you! Jitu
  18. Ravi Lodhiya

    Explain Order Entry in ODIN Diet.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain the order entry in ODIN Diet Client program? And How do I place an order with stop loss in ODIN in a single order entry? Is it possible ? For example, If you look in the image I have attached the screen shot of the Order Entry form. Can Anyone help...
  19. coolbrain

    Forex Calls for 28.07.2011-29.07.2011

    :thumb: Calls for 28.07.2011-29.07.2011 Every night i ll post forex calls,place your orders at once you get them,this call is for indian traders just place your orders at night (IST) I ll provide both buy and sell calls for 2 pairs.Just place the both buy and sell orders at a time,Either one...
  20. K

    Fine Tuning Trading...

    Hello Everybody... Lets fine-tune our tradings.... Generally i follow a v.simple approach based on Candle-Stick Patterns, Vol. Movement & Support and Resistance Levels.... Here is the chart of Aarti Industries I entered this stock on 24-01-2011 @ 58.98( i add brokerage and charges to the...