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stop loss placement

  1. punam.fintrade

    StopLoss Query on Delivery Script @ ZeroDha .

    Hello Friends, If I have a shares of any company ( eg - tata Motors ) in my Holding, I bought it 15 days ago ,at say Rs. 400. I want to place Stop Loss at maybe Rs. 300. Now when i go to Zerodha Sell , I see Stop Loss options that are valid only for today. ( i.e, validity - Day ) . How can I...
  2. M

    What is the purpose of stop loss in india for equity/derivative delivery?

    I came to know that in india we cant carryforword our stop loss to next day or other future days. If we are doing equity or dervative delivery trading with a stop loss then we have to manually set new stop loss daily. It seems NSE will clear all our orders at the EOD. So is there any...
  3. A

    Need help on placing orders with execution price, target price and stop loss price

    I am planning to do intraday trading, Place order and forgot style since i am planning to follow systematic trade. Once I place the order, I am not going to modify it as long as the reason for entering the trade is not violated. For this I need to place order with price to buy/sell, target...
  4. shivanica

    How to Place a proper "Stop Loss" / Trailing Stops

    Hi, This formula gives you a sell signal when the closing price crosses this formula value from above, and buy signal when the price crosses the formula value from below. Apart from providing us the entry signal, this simple formula can be used as a guide for placing both primary stops and...
  5. A

    investment in equities

    Hello everyone, I am anil. I have been investing in equities from last 10 years. I know a little about stock market and having eagerness to learn more. Till now I have invested about Rs. 1.00 Lakhs in equities. I have aroung 5-6 stock of z category and want to put stop loss on them. Can...
  6. B

    Does SL order overwrite RL order?

    Just want know is it the case with everyone using ODIN Diet that SL order overwrites the RL order? To elaborate, 1. I place a sell order by selecting RL and providing the target value in the 'Price' field. 2. In order to place stop-loss, I hit F3 and modify the sell order by selecting SL...
  7. C

    How to put Stop loss? Please guide me

    Hello, I am a kind of investor who buys some stocks in cash market and forgets it in my busy life, then when I have time I watch my stock movement, if in profit then I sell it. I know putting stop loss is important, but I could not do it in ICICIdirect and Geojit accounts. Couple of times...
  8. N

    How to define Max loss stop and Trailing Stops into AFL

    Hi I am new to Ami Broker. I am back testing various afls I got from the forum and other sources I want to add my own stoplosses and trailing stops to the system. Senior Programmers pls help me. Here are the conditions 1.The initial SL is 2% of the entry price. 2.As the position moves...
  9. H

    stoploss and brokers- why do I need to put new stop loss order everyday?

    Hi All, I am a bit curious about the way stoplosses are enforced by various brokers. ICICIdirect is my broker. I normally do position trades that range form weeks to a couple of months. I have however faced many porblems with the way STOP LOSS order is carried out by ICICIdirect. I have to...