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short selling

  1. kingsmasher1

    Short selling derivatives - Possible in Indian markets?

    Hi, Pardon me if this sounds basic, but can we short sell Derivatives which we don't own using margin money (intraday basis) ? (Just like stocks) Futures - I short sell some 75 lot of say Nifty 8000 seeing price coming down Options - in case of options, lets say i wish to sell some Nifty 8000...
  2. B

    Doubt in Short Selling

    Hai, I recently opend Demat and trading account in sharekhan.I hav some doubt in Intraday Trading Equities Cash. 1.My initial deposite is RS10,000.My broker said i will get 4X Leverage for Intraday That Means i can Buy/Sell stocks for RS40,000 margin for Intraday trading right?? 2.Can I short...
  3. A

    Rcom short

    Reliance communications came with good numbers today..... But i am not very bullish and expecting heavy 2G auction prices Hence trying to go short for about a month Sell June 70 call at 3.25 buy June 75 call at 1.80 max profit= 5800 Please comment what will be the max loss? and in which...
  4. T

    Short trading doomed

    Hello Traderji's, I think, I'm direly need some help, I shorted(sold) a 100 shares of Infosys(BSE) on 12th October and called my broker to buy them for me(as there was a power outage) to square off on intrady. The moron from the branch bought in NSE instead on BSE. Now he says meek sorry and...
  5. M

    Simultaneous long and short in same stock

    My question is simple-- Is it illegal to take long and short and short positions in the same stock at the same time? I am asking this because of the decision on the case regarding Shankar Sharma who was banned for (among other things, maybe) selling and buying the same stock at the same...
  6. T

    Short selling for overnight position?

    Hello, i have a question regarding short selling. I would like to short sell at such high levels. But can short selling be done only for intraday or can it also be done and kept for overnight continuation? In indiabulls there are 2 options Cash and intraday. Now if i short sell in cash...
  7. gauharjk

    HELP: Understanding Short Selling & Penalties imposed for not squaring off

    Hi friends... I am new to stock trading. My broker is Motilal Oswal. I had 13500 cash in my trading account. Yesterday, I shorted 500 Unitech @ 30.60. But in the end, Unitech rose to 31.85 and I lost around 650 on it... I was not on the PC and did not manually square off the deal. I...