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  1. Saint

    Intraday trading--Ambushing the Flow

    Trading commodities and equities,either ways Intraday........stock/commodity might not be fixed ....... aim is to gain as always and follow the methodology......aim is to ambush the Flow of that particular chosen stock. Don't mind questions......might not be able to answer...
  2. J

    hello am a newbie

    hello everyone... am a new guy here... of 22 years old.. i dont have any trading experience before.. but am very very keen on entering stock market.. i learnt basics of stock market through this site and using internet from the last 6 months.. now i think my understanding of market is much...
  3. intellibitz

    The Holy Grail

    Words of Saint from Teach a Man to Fish <quote> Get your trading strategies in place and above all stop and money management techniques. Money management is so important, even more than entry and exit strategies it is money management that separates the men from the boys, it is money...
  4. jamit_05

    A Beginner's way to trade options.

    A Beginner's way to trade options Hello Miniflow Friends, This thread will be a Q&A thread, where we will be asking questions to ST sir regarding options ONLY. We hope, that in due time we will be able understand the workings of options and trade them as successfully as Saint sir and ST...
  5. TFL

    LIBRARY : Intraday Mini FLow

    Intraday Mini-Flow Startup Guide All Posts Under Construction... AIM To trade everyday from morning to evening. Most of the time we will be in a position. Trades are mainly done in futures market due to the high liquidity it offers. NIFTY Futures is our main inventory to trade. Many...
  6. TFL

    The 60 Min Flow with Break

    Requesting you to kindly read this post before posting anything in this thread. Post Link: The 60 Minute Flow with Breaks!!! by Hari. Thank you Saint for your Great Flow system.[Link] In Paper Trading...
  7. Saint

    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    Now,unlike the 60min Flow Thread.........not going to start off by defining the rules,what the Set-up is,how the position sizing should be.There definitely is a Strategy,a Set Up,a definite Plan,and the execution of that Plan.......but we shall definitely discuss it as we go along.Probably a...
  8. Saint

    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    As is obvious,this thread is for the trader trading the 60min charts.For any intraday postings,I usually post on Asish's thread "Time to stick my neck out".......For swing/position moves,I post in the "New Intermed Uptrend".But for the 60min trades,have been at a loss where exactly to post...