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  1. P


    1) Your trading/investing experience > Answers - I made a huge loss since I logged-in 2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets. > Answers - 3 yrs. 3) Your area of interest - > Answers - till now I only trade in cash, which is not listed here. By the way what...
  2. L

    Price movement Question

    Hi, I just have a simple question on the share price movement. What does the text below mean? The relatively robust numbers failed to please the markets, however, as the shares slid 171/2p to 425.35p. Investors were disappointed by a weaker performance What does the no 171/2p to...
  3. mandyrawat

    Synchronize Trading

    what is synchronize trading? I heard this word from a TV channel, there was some case on Shankar Sharma about Synchronize Trading in 2001, Please explain........
  4. N

    Beginner's TA Queries

    Dear Seniors and Fellow Members, I request you to kindly spare a few minutes on two of my basic queries in Entrey and Exit Startegies. I have read them over and over again but still understand little of it (dumb me!) - Entries Entries are simple, you wait for a candle to close above 15...