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    Professional Trader seeking Alternatives

    Hi, I need some advice from fellow members regarding brokerage and convenience. I am a trader by profession and my turnover ranges from Rs 4-6 Cr a month per a/c. I am not a pukka technical trader and hence dont rely upon charts a whole lot. Right now I trade through numerous brokers...
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    PIB RT data feed setup for Amibroker

    Hello, I'm still coming to terms with Amibroker's functionalities so apologies in advance if the question seems a bit off:). How do I setup Amibroker to receive RT feeds from PIB? (I have an existing PIB account). Going through some of the other threads I got the impression I'll have to...
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    Review/Information about Investbulls

    I would like to know following information about investbulls software, which actually sits on top of Power India Bulls to transfer data to charting software. 1. How is their software and customer support? 2. Is it possible to import the data to excel instead of Amibroker et al? 3. Is there...
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    Power Indiabulls (PIB) To Metastock/Amibroker Convertor

    PIB2MS converts Tick data from PIB terminal to Metastock format. Converted MS data can be used in Amibroker too. Please download the utility from This is first release and might have some bugs. Do post your feedback/comments. This is pretty similar to the...