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    Awesome Oscillator Review

    Hi Friends, I heard that Awesome Oscillator is a tool which could have great effect on your trading performance if you know how to use it. I believe there are several users might use since long time. Please share your experience/strategy with this tool for intraday trading. thanks...
  2. S

    Lets me try to forecast short-term nifty trend...

    Hi All, I am trying to find the short-term trend/trend-reversal of nifty based on rsi/stochastics(for now :) ). The idea is to help positional trading in nifty-future. I am not the expert in using these indicators and just trying to see whether any past patters of these indicators charts...
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    how to add on an oscillator

    hey jus i want to know to add this oscillator en metastock v 10. here the oscillator Mirazu Oscillator function preMain() { setStudyTitle("Mirazu Indicator"); setPriceStudy(false); setDefaultBarFgColor(, 1); setDefaultBarFgColor(, 0); } var cg_1 = 0...