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nifty futures trading

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    Nifty Futures Trend For Tomorrow

    Nifty Trend For Tomorrow (24th May '11)- Today Sensex closed at 17,993.33 with -332.76 points in negative or -1.82% down. And the Nifty closed at 5,386.55 with -99.80 negative points or -1.82% On the other side in the Derivatives Nifty Futures: it closed with 102.60 down points and settle at...
  2. R

    Intraday Tips for Friday 27 May 2011- Technical Overview

    Intraday Tips for Wednesday (Technical Overview, 30 March 2011) HERO HONDA Hero Honda has strong opening in the today's session and continues with it, but shown some profit at the higher level and closed with the gains. The stock is looking bullish in the coming time and above the level of...
  3. S

    New Approch To trade in nifty future using daily volatility

    Over the years the Indian traders have realized that profiting in the nifty future trading is one of the best bet. However it is quite experienced that many day traders never make any success in nifty intraday trade. Learning little simplest technique can make some one a winner in the nifty...
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    Am i correct

    Hi Everybody out there, I am a humble learner who wants to ask all you seniors and learned persons to please suggest if my strategy is correct or not and also asking for improvements.[B](BROKERAGE EXCLUDED) THEORATICAL CONSTRUCTION OF MY STRATEGY IS GIVEN...
  5. Saint

    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    Now,unlike the 60min Flow Thread.........not going to start off by defining the rules,what the Set-up is,how the position sizing should be.There definitely is a Strategy,a Set Up,a definite Plan,and the execution of that Plan.......but we shall definitely discuss it as we go along.Probably a...