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  1. madank

    The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!

    Dear all, Thanks for letting me open a thread here in TJ. Hope we can learn and interact with each other positively. As noted elsewhere, i will be posting one post per week (or multiple posts sometimes) and we can discuss on that post in another thread. Am known among my family...
  2. S

    Clarification on position size with money management

    Dear Experts, I am a newbie here who has started paper trading and reading tons of articles to get into the world of trading. I have a small confusion on the following math regarding calculation of NUMBER OF SHARES TO BUY on a BUYING scenario. Please do clarify it clearly. FOLLOWING...
  3. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Swing and Day trading Strategy

    Hello My Traderji Friends, I am back in Traderji after many months. I was reading my old posts and threads today. Thank you all for participating and making them live even after so many days. Some asked me by phone or by my email/Traderji Msg service why did you left this forum. :) Well...
  4. internet_fanbboy

    Suggest some Books, Threads for Money Management

    Hi Folks, I have been reading a lot about how a good MM can help you improve returns if you have a positive expectancy system. So i have been scanning the internet for some good MM threads, Blogs or Books. But there seems to be so much about Strategies and so less about MM. Kindly help...
  5. internet_fanbboy

    How would you go about trading 20 lacs in Futures for a 4-5% Monthly Return ?

    How would the split between StockFutures, IndexFutures, IndexOptions, Commodities and Currency be ? (Any other instruments ?) What sought of Checks should one put on Trades, Account Balance, Drawdowns, Exposures etc. ? What sought of Money Management approach be used ? Is Averaging a...
  6. N

    Financial discipline and Money management technics.

    Hello friends Please post your views on Financial discipline and Money management technics. I never seen CNBC or any other media focussing on this topic. I trust financial discipline play 70% of role in trading than levels or analysis. So started this thread please post how you people manage...
  7. S

    Forex fund managers in india

    hi guys i am suresh from bangarlore can you please let me know if there are any fund managers / forex traders in india who can manage our funds and give us decent return on investment this can be on profit/revenue sharing basis, i can open an account in any platform as suggested by you...
  8. TFL

    A real life Analysis and Guide on NIFTY trading.

    Dear members, I used to trade Nifty Futures intraday only. I set a stoploss of 15 and targets at +20/+10/+10 Today I did as follows: --------------------- Brought 4 Lots Nifty @4285, stoploss @ 4270. At 20 point rise (4305): Booked profit in 2 lots. Then keep stoploss as Buy price +...