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    hi guys

    Hi guys. This is vittal reddy, just 1 month ago i was open demat a/c and started buying and selling (equity). i am interested in secondary market. But when i entered into market, market was not in good position. finally i am requesting you guys to help me to take decisions. thanking...
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    hi friends, I am new to this site. I have been investing since 1982; more seriously from 1988. Lost almost entirely my saving of 5 years during the Harshad Mehta period of 1992. Never gave up. Kept on investing. Now I feel that one should just keep investing; not sell. Important thing is...
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    Investment Call(=<6 months)

    I am new to this forum and registered today itself, so thought of doing inaugral of my thread for long term investment believer so as to have at least +20% gains after a lot of mind churning. Brief drawbacks/anamolies of margin & future trading: Many a time we try to time the market which...
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    direct tax code and small investors

    some experts might have read the direct tax code issued recently by the Finance Minister. In this code the short term profits and long term profits will be included as income. This may not be much of a problem for intra day traders and professional traders as they even now include their short...