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    Why trading is not for me...

    Hi Guys! This is Chaudhary from Delhi. I wanted to run by a little hypothesis by you knowledgeable folks. So, I have been recently bitten by the trading bug and decided to invest my savings in the share market, actually all my savings, right down to the last penny. I bet most of you have...
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    Hi-I am New here, guidance needed

    Hi everyone just to tell you all that I am new here and a colleague told me that this is a very good site. and yes, after going thru' this site I have registered. Regarding me- well I was in active business and slowly diverted into stocks trading online for last several years- never...
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    Hope to make same new friends here

    Hi There This is my first post on a user forum ever. Look forward to some guidance and share my experiences here. I hope to make some good friends too... Best Regards !
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    My online trading experiences

    Being a green horn in day trading, I am still earning my spurs. I have just lost Rs. 2000/- due to the Market crash triggered by the Chinese market crash!! I did not know how to put a STOP LOSS on the scrip i had just purchased and was help less while the stock price plummetted. I need some...