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  1. fxmarketanalysis

    Forex Market Technical Analysis News

    Forex Market Analysis News - GBP/JPY Price Forecast February 26, 2018, Technical Analysis The British pound has been utterly massive during the trading session upon Friday, adjoining not on your own Japanese yen but several relationship currencies. At this reduction, I think that the come up...
  2. fxmarketanalysis

    Forex Analysis and News

    Forex - Dollar Gains as EUR/USD Falls upon German Election Uncertainty The dollar rose hastily closely a basket of major currencies upon Monday, benefitting from a slump in the euro in the wake of elections in Germany which saying preserve for German chancellor Angela Merkels Conservative...
  3. ikonforex

    Ikon forex EUR/USD fell down sharply from the highest point of this trading session

    Ikon forex Forex price of AUD/USD went below 1.000 Affected by the appreciation action in China, the forex price of AUD/USD slumped to below 1.000 in the market. Early in the Asia forex market on Monday (December 27), the forex price of AUD/USD slightly opened low and then it went down...
  4. F analysis - USD Weakens and World Economies Strengthen? Analysis - European Currencies Strengthen As Stocks Rally Yesterday's major market event appears to have been the announcement that Britain's 4th largest bank, Barclays, will not need additional bailout funds from the Bank of England. The resulting stability in the forex market...