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    Hello friends my name is Ankit and i want to learn the basics to earn a decent income with share market investments :)
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    First Hello

    Hello everyone, I have been a lurker here for a while and decided to actively participate in the discussions. I have been trading for past two months now. Throughout this time period, this forum has been a great learning resource for me. I hope I will also be able to contribute as I myself...
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    First Thread...

    Hello Everyone...
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    Hello Friends,

    Hello Friends, I recently joined Traderji, and I am here to explore the knowledge you guys are sharing on stock markets. I have done very little of trading before, mostly long term investments, 3 to 4 years. Here I would like to gain expertise on day trading. I tried that on my own...
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    Nifty strangle

    Hi, This is my first post !! On 3rd November 2008, I entered a Nifty strangle by buying an OTM PUT & OTM CALL. Here is the trade: NIFTY 27 Nov CE 3100 bought @ Rs.172 NIFTY 27 Nov PE 2900 bought @ Rs.154 Nifty was trading at 3000 Levels when I entered the strangle. On 7th Nov, After...